Hillary exposed on another lie at her hearing with Trey Gowdy on Benghazi… she lied about State Dept. e-mails… shocking!!!

Liberals and the mainstream media wanna claim that Hillary walked out unscathed and was declared victorious at the hearing with Trey Gowdy last Thursday. Are you sure about that?

Hillary claims that 90% to 95% of her State Dept. e-mails would have been in the States System but if they wanted them, they would be able to easily get them which turns out to be false, of course.

The State Dept. spokesperson wasn’t able to confirm that claim. Plus, it would be very difficult to obtain every e-mail of Hillary’s in the State Dept. since I’m sure the Federal government gets millions of e-mails in their system so it would be a challenge to get all of Hillary’s e-mails.


Yeah libtards, she really owned the Committee and schooled them in (sarcasm).


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