Seriously, there are still too many misinformed people and don’t know anything about politics… real sad too!

The problem America is having is that we have too many misinformed and uneducated people when it comes to American politics. Many still believe there is nothing wrong with Obama and H. Clinton. The political opinions of liberals are always pretty one-sided. They’ll never be realistic on anything in their own party. Liberals have to side with everything the mainstream media says, I’m noticing. That’s the problem. If you believe there is nothing wrong with Barack and Hillary then chances are, you’ve been brainwashed by the media. That’s what the mainstream media does is protect them and try to make them look like innocent people. Liberals won’t listen to any kind of Obama & H. Clinton criticism of any kind. They have to follow the party line every time which is pretty disgusting. One-sided political opinions by the left.

Many would accuse me of having one-sided “right-wing” opinions but it’s not true. If you’ve been paying close attention on my blog over the years, I’ve always been realistic about Republicans or the GOP. I’m not a fan of Paul Ryan as choice for next House Speaker ’cause he worked with the Obama admin. on TPP trade and Illegal Immigration.

Too many people out there these days know nothing about their politics. Nothing. That includes most of my blog readers here.

We could live in a better country if more people would get educated and become smart with their politics. Enough with the “right vs. left” crap ’cause it doesn’t work. To me, it doesn’t matter anymore. I’m realistic on both sides. Always have been. I’m not a “one-sided” person at all like most liberals are these days.

Hey liberals, it’s completely okay to like some Republican candidates if you like their policies and issues. It’s okay for them to like some Conservative things too. There’s no reason for them to stay “far-left” at all. You don’t have to side with everything on the left, y’all. That’s where Jim Webb comes in… even though he’s a Democrat politician, he still has some right-wing views and talks like a Republican sometimes. We need more people like Jim Webb.

I wish liberals would look at reality instead of following their party all the time. That’s one thing I don’t like about this country. They don’t look at reality at all. It’s all one-sided opinions from them. Hillary and Barack would have been in prison a long time ago if liberals would STOP having one-sided opinions all the damn time.

Hopefully Donald Trump will be successful at beating Hillary in the upcoming elections. There’s no way in hell Bernie Sanders is gonna win the nomination on the Democrat side. Hillary is gonna win, who else? That’s why Joe is not running. The media will continue to protect Hillary over Benghazi ’cause they know that’s gonna help her get more liberal voters.

I was never the praying type but I hope and pray that Trump beats Hillary and I think he will. I’m confident Trump is gonna be the next one and not Hillary.


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