Matt Drudge says biggest revelation of Hillary Benghazi hearing was how bad her health looked… I agree…

Matt Drudge who is the founder & journalist of the Drudge Report says the biggest revelation of the Hillary Benghazi hearing yesterday wasn’t just Hillary’s video lie… the biggest revelation was how bad her health looked. Her bad health was also exposed and I agree. She didn’t look too good at all and the mainstream media, of course ignores that. Mainstream media declares that Hillary did well? Seriously?

Look at the video below where Hillary was caught on camera coughing, patting her chest, clearing her throat and grabbing her pills.

So let me get this straight… she’s running for president while not in good health? This is nothing new ’cause she hasn’t been in good health for a long while now.

Remember she suffered a concussion after she fainted and fell, hit her head on concrete about a month after the Benghazi attacks happened?

You think she could take the White House for a full 8 years with the condition that she’s in? Before the Benghazi hearing yesterday, she never went public with her health problems and I think it’s confirmed that there is something indeed wrong with her.

This cunt of a woman is not fit for president. That’s why all of her answers were prepared yesterday. They were all written down in that book and she was reading all the answers off of paper and they say she did a good job?


2 thoughts on “Matt Drudge says biggest revelation of Hillary Benghazi hearing was how bad her health looked… I agree…”

    1. This is crazy. She’s obviously hiding something about her health. Just like Barack Obama is hiding something about his health ’cause both of them aren’t well in reality.


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