Media is lying about Hillary “owning” the Committee, instead Hillary was the one getting “owned”…

Yesterday’s hearing went on for a little over 10 hours or more. I didn’t watch the whole thing. Just the first two rounds. If you’re one of those that believe Hillary destroyed the committee then you’re probably a dumb libtard who follows everything the media says.

Read this little piece if you will:

Just be aware guys that Hillary didn’t “school” anyone in at all. Yesterday’s hearing was just the beginning. This isn’t over yet. Trey Gowdy still has plenty of more people to interview, she’s one of the 70 people that Trey has to testify with.

They still have a long way to go so this is far from over. Hillary did NOT destroy anything or anyone.

Soon Trey will prove that this investigation isn’t about her at all. He tried that yesterday but of course, he failed with the corrupted media who refuses to be honest and loudmouth Cummings who complains about money. It sickens me that the media continues to protect her.

From what I saw yesterday, Hillary was the one getting destroyed but instead the media makes lies about Hillary destroying the Committee. Bunch of bull.

When did dumb liberals ever care about our government using taxpayer money? They never did up until Trey’s Benghazi investigation. They’re okay with Obama spending millions on vacations, golf trips, fundraisers, ISIS, etc. but they aren’t okay with taxpayer money being used on the Benghazi investigation.

This isn’t fucking over, not by a long shot. Like I said above, there’s still plenty of people to interview, still plenty documents to get and all that stuff. Hillary didn’t prove anything yesterday ’cause all she did was “talk” and “words” mean nothing. Hillary is just a professional liar and really good at “lying”. It’s real sad to see that liberals actually believe in her lies.

If she does get elected, we’ll be even more screwed but there’s a good chance that she could still go to prison anyways ’cause Barack and Valerie hate her guts and they’re trying to do whatever they can to put her away. That’s why they leaked Hillary’s e-mail server to begin with.

It’s real sad to me that the delusional left don’t have any compassion for Ambassador Stevens and the other three… seriously fuck ’em all. I wish they could have been at Benghazi that night and maybe they would see that Benghazi is a big deal then.


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