Rihanna’s music really isn’t that bad at all, in fact…I’m a huge fan…

Man, I fuckin’ love Rihanna. Her music is so damn good. If you give her a chance, you would see how talented she is. Her songs are actually good and I dig her voice too.

Plus, she’s not that bad looking and kinda hot.

I know it seems kind of weird that I’ve been listening to a lot of pop music lately but I’ve been digging this stuff. If you give it a chance, you would hear that pop & dance music isn’t all that bad. I kind of would like to make this kind of music myself someday if I can find an electronic musician to work with.

In fact, I’ve been listening to pop music for years ever since I was in high school, admittedly. I just love all kinds of music, once again.

I listened to all of her albums on Apple Music. Here are my favorite songs by Rihanna below. Her music is fun. You’ve probably heard them all before, though.


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