Here’s the Gowdy vs. Cummings shouting match video…

Here it is. The Gowdy vs. Cummings shouting match. Cummings clearly started it ’cause he was the one who started screaming at Trey.

These guys are fighting over the Sidney Blumenthal transcript. You can easily tell that Gowdy is not scared of Cummings at all. Gowdy looked pretty calm throughout this whole video. Why? It’s because Gowdy is a former prosecutor. I’m sure he dealt with a lot of people screaming at him for years so I’m sure he’s used to it. This is from Gowdy’s experience of being a former prosecutor and that’s why he’s the best choice to lead this investigation.

I love how Gowdy warns Cummings that releasing the transcript won’t be a good idea ’cause that’s gonna release the survivors names. Gowdy is also trying to make the point that the Dems only want Blumenthal’s and Cheryl Mills transcript released and not others. Why do the Dems want only Blumenthal’s and Mills transcripts? What would that prove to make Hillary look innocent? Releasing the transcripts would only damage Hillary even more.


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