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Video: Rihana’s new song “Work” w/ Drake…

Okay, I’m a pretty big Rihanna fan and not afraid to say it. I’ve been a fan of her music for a long while now and I think her new album, “Anti” is her best album in her career. I listened to that album a couple of times and think I’m gonna get my own copy.

You get to see Rihanna’s boobs as she’s wearing a see-thru at the second half of this video. It’s a good song and a cool video too.

Yeah, I dig some pop and R&B. I’ve got to have a variety of music to listen as I listen to a bit of everything.


The return of Rihanna! Yeah, I can’t wait!

It’s been so long since Rihanna has been away from the music business. She’s now finally making her return with her next album being titled, “Anti”. With the title of her album and with the direction it’s headed… she’s gone political it looks like? Yeah, I’m a fan of Rihanna and listened to all of her records on Apple Music streaming and I enjoyed them all. While I loved all Rihanna albums, my favorites would have to be “Good Girl, Gone Bad”, “Loud” and “Rated R”.

I’m sure we’ll hear a new song and see a new video by Rihanna pretty soon. Yeah, she’s a pop artist but like I always say, I’m not against all pop music ’cause admittedly, I like a lot of it.



Rihanna’s music really isn’t that bad at all, in fact…I’m a huge fan…

Man, I fuckin’ love Rihanna. Her music is so damn good. If you give her a chance, you would see how talented she is. Her songs are actually good and I dig her voice too.

Plus, she’s not that bad looking and kinda hot.

I know it seems kind of weird that I’ve been listening to a lot of pop music lately but I’ve been digging this stuff. If you give it a chance, you would hear that pop & dance music isn’t all that bad. I kind of would like to make this kind of music myself someday if I can find an electronic musician to work with.

In fact, I’ve been listening to pop music for years ever since I was in high school, admittedly. I just love all kinds of music, once again.

I listened to all of her albums on Apple Music. Here are my favorite songs by Rihanna below. Her music is fun. You’ve probably heard them all before, though.


Video: Call me crazy but I actually dig the new Rihanna song, “Bitch Better Have My Money”…

I’m not ashamed to say that I actually dig Rihanna’s music. Like I repeatedly stated many times, I’m not against all pop music ’cause some of it is actually pretty good. I do have one of her albums on physical CD, I think which is “Good Girl, Gone Bad” which is an album that I like. It’s the only album I own of hers but will get around to listening to her other albums on Apple Music soon.

Sometimes I like pop music ’cause you should listen to that stuff while you workout. This kind of music helps pump you up and get you motivated in the gym, ya know? Not all mainstream pop music is bad. It can actually be fun music if you take the time and actually listen to it. I don’t dig Lady Gaga and Katy Perry anymore but I do like Rihanna, Iggy Azalea, Taylor Swift and maybe others. People shouldn’t put pop music to shame ’cause some of it can be good.


Judge closes case on Chris Brown’s domestic violence… WTF is wrong with America???

Welp, look like the case is closed on the Chris Brown and Rihanna domestic violence. Seriously?

If Chris Brown was white and not famous, he would have gotten much harsher punishment. A white guy and a non-famous person would have gotten a few years in “state prison”. Notice how I said, “state prison” and not “jail”. All the prick got was probation, community service and domestic violence counseling? Even through all this, the prick continued to release music. Since the Rihanna beating happened in 2009, Chris released 4 albums since then and all of them best sellers. Fans continued to support this woman beating asshole.

What’s even worse with this whole thing is, I did feel compassion for Rihanna and felt sorry for her up until she have forgiven him and they got back into a relationship together. That made me sick. Really? Most women who are victims of domestic violence would leave him for good.

In my opinion, I think Chris got away with it… domestic violence… just like OJ got away with murder. He got away with it with fame, money and power. Chris is rich because of his music career. You can get what you want if you have loads of cash. I think he got lighter punishment out of domestic violence ’cause of the color of his skin obviously. If Chris was white and not famous, he would have been in prison right now. No doubt about it.

This is part of why I hate today’s music industry. Too many music artists living in delusional fantasy land. They think they are too important and powerful ’cause of their fame. I can’t stand it.

Chris is gonna beat up a woman again. Give it time, he’ll beat up that woman that he just had a kid with. All that community service and domestic violence counseling won’t teach him a damn thing. Once a woman beater, always a woman beater. I’ll never support ’em.



Chris Brown, why reward this piece of shit???

Isn’t it insane that the American music industry continues to reward Chris Brown, ever since the 2009 beating against, Rihanna? If a real man like me beat a woman, that would be a 10 – 15 year prison sentence or possibly more. All Chris got was that he was put on five year probation, was put on community service, and was forced to get put on domestic violence counseling. WTF? He got lesser punishment because he is rich and famous. Period.

Last year, he released his album, “F.A.M.E.” which was a huge best seller, and this year he released another album. I think he also won a few grammy’s.

Beating a woman, something like that can’t be forgiven or to forget. I refuse to support this guy and anybody that does, is fucking nuts and delusional. What’s even more insane is that there are rumors that Chris Brown and Rihanna, got back together. I don’t like either Chris or Rihanna but beating a woman is never cool.

At least South America is paying attention.

I can’t stand the attention this guy is getting, and can’t stand how this guy is everywhere you look. It’s not about jealousy, ’cause there is nothing to be jealous about with this guy.

The reason the labels continue to work with Chris ’cause gossip and celebrity controversy that makes the news helps people buy more records. That’s how the world of entertainment works these days. Whatever makes the money, I guess. This asshole should be in prison. He shouldn’t be getting all this attention that he doesn’t deserve.

It is unfair that troubled celebrities continue to get special treatment, when real people like us get worse punishment than they do. Gotta love the power of fame and money. Gotta love how this world works.


Thought: Chris Brown breaking a window at “Good Morning America”…

I’m sure people want to know my thoughts on Chris Brown losing his temper again. Breaking a window and going mad at the “Good Morning America” studios, in his dressing room there. It’s obvious the law didn’t teach him anything. He’s going to be the same madman no matter how much help he gets. This is further proof that he will beat up someone again. Even worse, he could have beaten up that woman who interviewed him at “Good Morning America”, if he wanted to. Think about why he went back to the dressing room after the interview. He knows he couldn’t lay a hand on her, the interviewer.

Of course, nobody pressed charges on him and I’m sure that won’t violate his probation. That is what fame does to people. They get away with everything. The guy needs to be locked up.

What’s even more messed up, is that Chris Brown still has a lot of die hard fans that will support him, no matter what. Those idiot fans of his need to get out of their fantasy worlds and realize that their hero is not to be supported. They are supporting a woman beater. They must think beating women is okay.


Report: Rihanna is starring in “Battleship”, official….

Pop star, Rihanna is set to star the leading role in “Battleship”, a film that would based on the famous board game. She will star alongside, Taylor Kitsch and Alex Hooper. Am I reading the plot/synopsis right? The Navy vs. Aliens?

More on it here:


I love Rihanna as a pop star, but her as an actress? Lets hope she can act.


Report: Chris Brown is a delusional idiot, this clown still has a career?

I tried to find the youtube video to this but look like the coward took it down. Him blaming the haters for beating up Rihanna.

The Associated Press reports:


Once a woman beater, always a woman beater. It doesn’t matter how much of an annoying bitch a woman is, you never hit her, not even a punch in the shoulder either. If she punches you first, you don’t hit back.

If she is about to kill you with a knife or a gun, it’s okay to attack her back for self defense, only if it’s something life theatening… that’s it…but reacting with violence now matter how angry she makes you is wrong.

Chris is just doing whatever it takes to save his so called music career.