Chris Brown, why reward this piece of shit???

Isn’t it insane that the American music industry continues to reward Chris Brown, ever since the 2009 beating against, Rihanna? If a real man like me beat a woman, that would be a 10 – 15 year prison sentence or possibly more. All Chris got was that he was put on five year probation, was put on community service, and was forced to get put on domestic violence counseling. WTF? He got lesser punishment because he is rich and famous. Period.

Last year, he released his album, “F.A.M.E.” which was a huge best seller, and this year he released another album. I think he also won a few grammy’s.

Beating a woman, something like that can’t be forgiven or to forget. I refuse to support this guy and anybody that does, is fucking nuts and delusional. What’s even more insane is that there are rumors that Chris Brown and Rihanna, got back together. I don’t like either Chris or Rihanna but beating a woman is never cool.

At least South America is paying attention.

I can’t stand the attention this guy is getting, and can’t stand how this guy is everywhere you look. It’s not about jealousy, ’cause there is nothing to be jealous about with this guy.

The reason the labels continue to work with Chris ’cause gossip and celebrity controversy that makes the news helps people buy more records. That’s how the world of entertainment works these days. Whatever makes the money, I guess. This asshole should be in prison. He shouldn’t be getting all this attention that he doesn’t deserve.

It is unfair that troubled celebrities continue to get special treatment, when real people like us get worse punishment than they do. Gotta love the power of fame and money. Gotta love how this world works.


One thought on “Chris Brown, why reward this piece of shit???”

  1. Absolutely. And I lose respect for any artist that works with him, like Pitbull. Chris Brown is not sorry for beating Rihanna, never was. Chris Brown thinks he is the victim in all of this. He is a sociopathic asshole. I don’t care how good a performer he is, he beat the shit out of a woman. It sends a message that it’s ok for men to beat women up. Shame on the industry.

    And by the way it’s very difficult to feel sorry for Rihanna. She defends him and still makes music with him. I know there’s a battered wife thing going on with her, but seriously what the hell? What a couple of losers.

    Chris Brown needs to apologize for this for the rest of his life, and you can tell he feels like he shouldn’t have to. How anyone can work with him or buy his music is beyond me. Glad you feel the same way Kev.

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