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CD Review: Rihanna “Good Girl, Gone Bad: Reloaded”

I just got done listening to Rihanna’s re-release of “Good Girl, Gone Bad: Reloaded” and wanted to give this one a quick review, this album has been re-released with a few new tracks added.

I am not into pop music hardily at all. I hate the genre so much in fact but there are a few exceptional pop artists out there that I’ll admit to enjoy listening to, for example, I enjoy pop artists such as Justin Timberlake, Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys and now Rihanna is one of them.

A lot of famous rock musicians have been giving Rihanna lots of praises to her music. And after hearing this album, I can see why. This album is pop and R&B influenced, sure, but the songs on this album are actually pretty tight, they have a rock and roll feeling to them. I actually enjoy almost every song on the disc. You’ve heard her song “Umbrella” which is what she is mostly known for, her hit with Jay Z but the entire album has better songs than “Umbrella”. Rihanna have once explained she is a fan of rock music and she wanted to blend all that with pop. I think she is successful at that.

She maybe a gorgeous and beautiful looking girl but she is one of the very few talented pop stars in today’s music industry. She does a cover song “Don’t Stop the Music” that is actually pretty good. Rihanna’s vocals are fun and catchy, and every song is pretty upbeat, I don’t think there is one slow ballad.

I was surprised by the album and I actually really liked this one. Not excellent but real real good. Whether you’re a pop fan or not, I would reccomend you give this one a listen.

Score for Rihanna’s “Good Girl, Gone Bad: Reloaded” = *** (3 stars as in good)