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Thought: Nothing wrong with Rihanna and Carrie Prejean having nude pix at all in my opinion…

I don’t understand why the public is making a big deal and act like it’s a bad thing that celebrities like Carrie Prejean and Rihanna having nudie pix.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with it at all. Let me explain…

People all over the world pose nude for pics and make pornographic pictures all the time, even real people like us do it also. As long as you’re doing it legally and as long as you’re doing it on a website that allows nudity, I find it a cool thing that people expose themselves for the world to see. In my opinion, nude photography is fantastic art work and people should do it more. If you’re so proud of how your naked body looks, don’t be afraid to show it off. Nothing wrong with it!!!! EVERYONE does it.

I don’t understand why people like Rihanna and Carrie Prejean are upset at the nude pix leaking the web, ’cause that’s what the real world is all about these days. If you don’t want people to see your privates, then it’s best you don’t take nude pictures of yourself at all, ’cause who knows who can steal your pics and anybody could have put them online?

This nude pics thing isn’t such a big deal at all. I’m sure Donald Trump would agree. So would Hugh Hefner. Don’t be surprised if Hugh Hefner would want a Carrie Prejean Playboy pictorial shoot. Playboy will offer Carrie a deal sooner or later.

Nothing wrong with people making home made pornographic pics at all. I actually think it’s a cool thing that people do it.

I’ll be on the lookout for Donald Trump’s Press Conference about Carrie Prejean’s fate today.


Confirmed: Rihanna and Chris Brown already did duet together…

Turns out that the rumours are true that Rihanna and Chris Brown both collaborated on a song together. They went into the studio to record a song just weeks after Chris has been arrested for allegedly beating the pop star.

No further details of the song has been given. No plans on whether or not to release the song on either of their upcoming albums.

NME.com reports:


Here’s an idea for men wanting to collaborate on a song with a woman, beat her up, and it’s gaurunteed to be a huge hit! I know, bad joke. If you think about it, if they do release the song, it probably would become the most overplayed mainstream hit. Controversy creates popularity.


BREAKING NEWS: Chris Brown charged with 2 felonies!!!

While Rihanna is refusing to press charges on her woman beating boyfriend, Chris Brown, this is still not stopping the D.A. to press charges on him. He has been charged with 2 felonies, if found guilty, the rapper could face four years and 8 months in prison.

TMZ reports:


While this is good news, I don’t see Chris Brown being put away. Riri and her father would probably defend the guy when they testify, so he can walk with no problem.



My thoughts on Chris Brown and Rihanna getting back together…

I do know that the entire world of the internet is angry at this. On how Rihanna won’t press charges on Chris, then she gets back together with him instead. Then you read the news that Rihanna’s father is all up for them getting back together.

But you know what? I agree with Rihanna’s father. They’re a couple with an on and off relationship. There’s plenty of couples that have an on and off relationship, they break up and get back together, break up and get back to gether, happens all the time.

It could be about the money and fame that they’re addicted to each other with, sure, but what they do is their business not ours.

The question is, why would a couple get back together after the guy has beaten her so badily? The simple answer is, that things change. You can put things behind you very quickly and move forward. Chris is taking anger management class, I read about, and that’s probably what made Rihanna get back to him because he agreed to make his life better.

Whatever these celebrity couples do is their business, and you have no right to get into it. Stop obsessing with celebrities lives, when you should be the one concentrating on your own life and your own family.


TMZ confirms a beaten Rihanna photo is real…

Actually the LAPD did confirm the photo is real at TMZ, reports going around that Rihanna’s Dad isn’t happy about it either. I hope Rihanna and her family sues that fucking website, TMZ.

I don’t think the family needed to see that pic and neither the public. I didn’t want to see what her beaten face looks like? Why would anyone?

Boycott TMZ. Mr. Levin calls himself a lawyer? Idiot.


Thought: Those who defends Chris Brown, is delusional and in need of a reality check!!!

I am disgusted reading comments by people in other blog sites like TMZ or where ever else posted about the Chris Brown vs. Rihanna controversy. There are some people out there defending Chris Brown’s actions for reals, of course, some people think he’s innocent. I believe those defending Chris Brown, are probably obsessive fans that will stick by his side no matter what he does. Just like all obsessive fans of some certain celebrity would defend them no matter what happens to them. It’s all pathetic in my opinion.

While I am a fan of Rihanna’s music, not Chris Brown’s (never even heard of the guy until this), I won’t stick by her side everytime although I do feel pretty bad for her.

Those fans defending Chris Brown, you don’t know this guy. You don’t know this guy’s personal life. You don’t witness every move he makes and watch him everywhere he goes. So for those who feels sorry for Chris Brown and not Rihanna, wow, I don’t know what to say about this. Those guys out there who beat on a woman gets no respect from me at all. Chris Brown shouldn’t be respected by anybody.

Brown’s fans need to forget this guy because there are more important things in life to worry about, than this loser. People’s obsession with celebrities is pretty sickening to me. Sure, I have a fascination with “fame” and the Hollywood world myself, but I don’t obsess with it.

I’m more worried about my own life ’cause that’s more important than the rich and fame world. Who cares about these people. The lives of famous people don’t concern me and shouldn’t concern you either. Who cares about that gossip shit, I don’t care about celebrity feuds or celebrity couple romances or divorce battles, pregnancies, I don’t post that shit here too much. When it involves someone that I’m a fan of, I’ll post about it ’cause it may affect their careers.

What I’m saying is that the lives of celebrities means nothing to you. People are dying with all kinds of violence all over the world, yet people like to obsess with fame and celebrities instead of more important and serious stuff in the news. It is why I mostly post news on movies and music because I’m sick of this stuff.

Chris Brown is a nobody. Those who think he is innocent are probably woman beaters themselves.


BREAKING NEWS: Chris Brown speaks for the first time on Rihanna without mentioning her name…

Chris Brown sent out a statement to TmZ, admitting he beat up pop star Rihanna, without mentioning her name. Why didn’t he mention her name? Probably because he knows she has attorneys, if he talks about her, using her name, she’ll probably sue him. He didn’t bring her name up to avoid a lawsuit.

While he denies writing anything on Facebook, he is still admitting to hurting Rihanna. Chris Brown doesn’t need profesional help and counseling. What he needs is to spend half of his life in prison. That’s definitely not a heartfelt apology, he’s still sounding like an asshole.

It’s wrong to hit a woman no matter how much of a bitch you think Rihanna is. It’s okay to yell and scream at her in return, but violence isn’t the way to go. You’ll be the one showing your true colors, not her.



Report: Chris Brown on Rihanna beating, “You’ll begin to see her true colors…believe it”…

Yep, those were Chris Brown’s exact words that he wrote in his private facebook page. “You’ll beging to see her true colors…believe it”, is what he wrote. It’s the first time he spoke about beating Rihanna. Does this mean he is admitting to it?

With Valentine’s Day just tomorrow, I’m no relationship expert or no psychologist or nothing, but for you guys that have girlfriends or wives out there, no matter how much of a bitch your lady acts to you, it is wrong to punch her or beat her up. Your girl can drive you mad and drive you up the wall, sure, I know how women can be, but NEVER HIT a woman. She can give you a hard time, she can yell and scream at you or whatever, NEVER retaliate with violence.

You’ll lose respect from the people you love and people close to you, or worse you’re looking at going to prison for like 10-20 years. Guys who thinks it’s okay to hit a woman, don’t deserve any women at all. No matter how famous Rihanna is, she’s still a human being, not a cartoon character.

I hope Chris Brown rots in prison for this. Put him away fast.



Report: Brown gave Rihanna severe injuries…TmZ confirms…

This is bad, I hope Chris Brown rots in prison for a long time for this. I hope Chris Jericho is paying attention to the Rihanna news too.


Rihanna is talented, I dig her tunes. Like I said, I’m not into dance, pop, and R&B, sometimes I’ll listen to a little bit of it when I want to listen to something other than loud rock music. Rihanna is one of them.