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Thought: Why do people find Carrie Prejean having sex tapes and nude photos such a surprise?

Everyone seems to be shocked and surprised that Carrie Prejean is revealing to have sex tapes and a bunch of nude photos. Well, I’m not shocked or surprised at all. Hello, idiots. It’s the Miss Usa Pageant! Of course she’s going to have home made porn tapes and nude photos!!! I’m a 100% positive that the rest of the women in the Pageant have them too.

It is pretty well known that beautiful and hot women, they usually have these things. It’s because these women usually do these things in their private time so their husbands or boyfriends can have something to whack off with while she’s away and not at home.

Besides, her naked body will probably not be so great looking anyways, so why do people want to see them? She’s probably nothing more of a fake plastic Barbie doll like the rest of ’em.


Not a Cool Video: Carrie Prejean aka bitch to Larry King…

I gotta hand it to Perez Hilton. Ever since this controversy started back in the Miss USA days when this whole Perez vs. Carrie feud started, I used to think Carrie deserves her freedom of speech and her opinions about whatever she wants, but I’m gonna go back on Perez’s side. He’s doing a great job telling the public of what kind of woman Carrie Prejean is. Perez is getting my respect again.

Carrie is getting worse and worse in the media, Perez is doing a good thing exposing her.

Watch this disastrous interview on Larry King. Larry is trying to be a nice guy, he is accused of being inappropriate when she is the one being inappropriate and rude. Larry should have walked over and smacked her across the face.


Report: Carrie Prejean sues the Pageant for firing, and Brock thinks she’s going to win…

You can love Carrie Prejean or hate her, but she certainly deserves the freedom of speech and the 1st amendment like everyone else. I think her firing was wrong, and I think she will successfully win this feud. Everyone has their own opinion on gay marriage. She shouldn’t have to get fired for speaking her mind. She’s doing a good thing fighting back.

The Associated Press reports:



An open letter to Donald Trump…

Dear Mr. Donald…

I’m sure you are aware of the “F—T” Perez Hilton vs. will.I.am controversy. It would be a smart thing for you to do to say, “You’re Fired” to Perez Hilton, for using those gay slurs. It isn’t right for the Miss USA Pageant. Especially after having Miss Carrie Prejean fired for breach of contract. It would be great if you terminate Perez Hilton’s contract as judge for the Miss USA and not have him back for next year. He calls Carrie Prejeans words on gay marriage offensive, yet he thinks it’s okay to use the “F” gay slur. What is wrong with that picture, Mr. Donald? Please do the right thing for the public and not have Perez Hilton back as judge for next year. He needs to be out of the media spotlight for good, and I’m sure you would agree, Mr. Donald. It was a mistake for you to hire him in the first place. Do the right thing. It’s about time that Perez Hilton needs to suffer consequences.

Thanks for reading, if you are somehow.


BREAKING NEWS: The Donald changes his mind about letting Carrie Prejean keep her crown, gives her the “you’re fired”…

K2 Productions, who is under the license of Miss Universe and they are the producers of the Miss California pageant, has terminated Carrie Prejean for breach of contract. Keith Lewis, the executive director got the okay from Donald Trump about his decision. Carrie Prejean is officially no longer Miss California.

More on it here:


Perez Hilton is probably sitting at his computer with a huge smile on his face about this news. I’m sure he wants to give the Donald a hug for this.

Well, so much for letting Carrie Prejean keep her opinions.

Carrie to sue Donald and the Pageant? Wouldn’t surprise me if that is coming soon.


Thought: I am confused on this whole Carrie Prejean vs. Perez Hilton feud…???

I’ve read the news that Shanna Moakler resigned as codirector for the state pageant, because I guess she’s on Perez Hilton’s side on this one. Moakler is agreeing that Prejean is a liar and a little brat.

Sarah Palin and more celebrities came out for Prejean’s support.

I’m just confused on this whole thing. I don’t know who’s side I am on. I guess I’m not on either side…still, they’re both acting really dumb and childish, really.

I agree with freedom of speech and people’s honest opinions on whatever they want ’cause this is America. Perez needs to think about that, he needs to realize that people’s opinions doesn’t revolve around him, but I have this feeling that he’s never going to stop his drama against her until she agrees with him. His obsession with Carrie Prejean is beggining to be a little frightening actually.


Thought: Why Perez Hilton doesn’t bash Donald Trump since the press conference?

While I’m sure gossip blogger, Perez Hilton, hates Donald Trump for supporting Carrie Prejean, noticed how he has never bitched about it since then. He’s still bitching about Carrie of course, but he’s been pretty tightlipped about the Donald.

Why is this you may ask?

I think, the Perezzers know that this will lose his opportunity to return as “Miss USA” judge for next year if he messed with the Donald.

It is pretty funny stuff that this Perez dude won’t shut his mouth about Carrie. His blog has been all about her for a pretty long while now. His obsessive hatred over this woman is pretty silly.

Yep, I blame Perez for all this stupid Carrie Prejean nonsense, although this feud is one of the most entertaining celebrity feuds in a long while.

It’s obvious Perez thinks the world revolves around him. If he gets out of his delusional mind and get a real career (blogging is not a career, sorry), focus on the real world for once, then life would be much easier for him.