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Thought: Miss USA photos racy? I think not…

The media is now bitching about how “racy” and “sexy” these Miss USA new photoshoot is for this year’s Pageant of 2010.

See the rest of the photos here:


Doesn’t racy means sexual impropriety? So in order to be considered sexual impropriety there needs to be nudity, in other words uncensored private parts being seen in the photos. I don’t see any of that in the pics. There maybe a lot of cleavage yes, but cleavage is no big deal. Women show their cleavages all the time in the real world. So that’s considered sexual impropriety? Wearing fishnet stockings is sexual impropriety? lmaof!!! I look at it as erotic fashion.

I’m sorry but these pics are not racy at all.

They are beautiful pics I must say and who ever the photographer is did an excellent job. Probably the best set of modeling pics I’ve seen in a while. I usually hate the USA pageant but the women in these pictures are very HOT!!!!!

Whatever it takes to promote Miss USA, this is the way to do it!


An open letter to Donald Trump…

Dear Mr. Donald…

I’m sure you are aware of the “F—T” Perez Hilton vs. will.I.am controversy. It would be a smart thing for you to do to say, “You’re Fired” to Perez Hilton, for using those gay slurs. It isn’t right for the Miss USA Pageant. Especially after having Miss Carrie Prejean fired for breach of contract. It would be great if you terminate Perez Hilton’s contract as judge for the Miss USA and not have him back for next year. He calls Carrie Prejeans words on gay marriage offensive, yet he thinks it’s okay to use the “F” gay slur. What is wrong with that picture, Mr. Donald? Please do the right thing for the public and not have Perez Hilton back as judge for next year. He needs to be out of the media spotlight for good, and I’m sure you would agree, Mr. Donald. It was a mistake for you to hire him in the first place. Do the right thing. It’s about time that Perez Hilton needs to suffer consequences.

Thanks for reading, if you are somehow.


BREAKING NEWS: The Donald changes his mind about letting Carrie Prejean keep her crown, gives her the “you’re fired”…

K2 Productions, who is under the license of Miss Universe and they are the producers of the Miss California pageant, has terminated Carrie Prejean for breach of contract. Keith Lewis, the executive director got the okay from Donald Trump about his decision. Carrie Prejean is officially no longer Miss California.

More on it here:


Perez Hilton is probably sitting at his computer with a huge smile on his face about this news. I’m sure he wants to give the Donald a hug for this.

Well, so much for letting Carrie Prejean keep her opinions.

Carrie to sue Donald and the Pageant? Wouldn’t surprise me if that is coming soon.


BREAKING NEWS: Carrie Prejean keeps her crown, The Donald supports her 100%…

The Donald, let Carrie keep her California crown, and also says that she can say whatever the hell she wants since this is America! The Donald also says that the only reason she is being picked on in the media, is because she’s beautiful.

I actually agree with the Donald. Do you think Perez Hilton makes fun of her on his blog because he is jealous of her good looks? I’m beggining to think so. He’s jealous that all the guys in the world looks after her, and not him.

Notice how The Donald never says a word about Perez Hilton. And noticed how Perez never bashed Donald once on his blog. I think Perez knows that the Donald is evil and if Perez messed with the Donald, he knows there will be hell to pay.

Carrie’s a hot looking girl, I’d do her, sure.

More on it here:



Thought: Brock thinks Donald Trump will not strip Carrie Prejean off the crown…

Donald Trump, the owner of the USA Pageant will hold a Press Conference on Tuesday to announce his decision on whether Carrie Prejean will keep her Miss USA crown or ditch it.

If you know Donald Trump’s personality on how he works with his employees for his huge empire like on “The Apprentice” for example, you can very well believe Donald Trump is an unpredictable man.

In this article, it looks like the Donald is defending her, he’s not angry with her at all it seems:


It’s very likely that she could keep her crown and he might actually say “You’re fired” to Perez Hilton being the judge. Never know.

Seems that the Donald loves Carrie from the sounds of things in that article. He didn’t bring up Perez Hilton’s name once, so the Donald may have some harsh words to say about him Tuesday at his press conference.

The Donald made it pretty clear Carrie Prejean never did anything wrong. I’m looking forward to Tuesday about this. This will get interesting! It definitely looks like the Donald is siding with Carrie on this one.