Thought: Brock thinks Donald Trump will not strip Carrie Prejean off the crown…

Donald Trump, the owner of the USA Pageant will hold a Press Conference on Tuesday to announce his decision on whether Carrie Prejean will keep her Miss USA crown or ditch it.

If you know Donald Trump’s personality on how he works with his employees for his huge empire like on “The Apprentice” for example, you can very well believe Donald Trump is an unpredictable man.

In this article, it looks like the Donald is defending her, he’s not angry with her at all it seems:,2933,519655,00.html

It’s very likely that she could keep her crown and he might actually say “You’re fired” to Perez Hilton being the judge. Never know.

Seems that the Donald loves Carrie from the sounds of things in that article. He didn’t bring up Perez Hilton’s name once, so the Donald may have some harsh words to say about him Tuesday at his press conference.

The Donald made it pretty clear Carrie Prejean never did anything wrong. I’m looking forward to Tuesday about this. This will get interesting! It definitely looks like the Donald is siding with Carrie on this one.


One thought on “Thought: Brock thinks Donald Trump will not strip Carrie Prejean off the crown…”

  1. Of course you are as right as can be here.

    A powerful CEO (Chief Exutive Office) like “The Donald” doesn’t like it when he gets bad publicity and Shannon & Travis “Blink 182 hey, I’m on fire!” Moaklers and these light-in-the-loafer “board members” are making this political and trying to push their personal preferences down everyone’s throat (No pun intended!).
    It’s just a tv show that is an excuse to show hot babes in bikinis and The Brock knows what that’s all about my man!

    Well, I’m a bum in the sun and I’m havin’ fun
    And I know you know I got no special plans
    All the bills are paid, I got it made in the shade
    all I nee-nee-need is the woman… it’s all about Beautiful Girls, people!

    The Donald loves having his own beauty pagent so he can get a nice “Cincinnati Switcheroo” the “Cincinnati Quarterback” or my 2nd favorite……the “Cincinnati Balboa” when his wife is busy getting her citizenship or her nails done. Melania is a pretty name but it sounds like a cross between NARNIA & MELANOMA and a magical lion with the “C” creeps me out. So The Donald has to find some Good times with Miss Idaho, Miss Louisiana etc etc!

    All this publicity is for Michael Musto’s & Perez Hilton’s ego.
    The Donald is going to probably fire evryone who is making waves and giving him a bad name. He needs to start with a clean slate.
    I’d be a judge if he has new job openings wouldn’t you!?!

    He totally defended that last Miss USA he had that was naked & on coke so this shouldn’t be different!
    All these Hollywood people love defending terrorists like Hugo Chavez and the “Che” guy that’s on all the t-shirts. I think Starbucks named a latte after him even. Disgusting & unamerican! These Hollywood people have to start defending innocent and hot girls.
    Like my best buddy Prada Willi always says, “Why is Hollywood obsessed with abortion & gay lifestyle?” Then he goes back to eating himself sick and gazing at the balloons I got him.


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