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Harrison Ford says he enjoyed watching “The Force Awakens” early screening…

I’m pretty sure Harrison never watched himself in the original Star Wars trilogy when they first came out in theater but Harrison said he saw an early screening of “The Force Awakens” and said that he loved it. When Harrison said he loves it, I think he really meant it not because he’s in it. Of course, you would think that actors would love their own movies that they star in but not always. If Harrison says it’s good then it probably is good. He wouldn’t have done the movie at all if he knew it wasn’t good.

Even though he saw “The Force Awakens” first before the rest of us, he won’t say whether or not Han Solo and Leia are married (I’m sure they are).

It’s also nice to hear that Harrison is still interested in playing Indiana Jones again even though he didn’t confirm the role yet.

There’s a lot of people in social networking criticizing Harrison and they are saying stuff about Harrison getting onto to this movie for the money. Well, if you listen to Harrison toward the end of the interview when talking about Indiana Jones, Harrison made it perfectly clear that he’s not about the money. He was never about the money when making movies ’cause he’s probably in it for the passion, ya know? Acting is what he loves doing. He’s made plenty of movies over the years where he didn’t get paid much and made movies that bombed in the box office so there’s proof that he’s not about the money at all. Once again, acting is his passion and it’s what he loves to do.

Only thing though, Harrison is talking like that Han Solo might get killed off, you can see it in his eyes that something might happen to Solo. He tried to get George Lucas to kill Han Solo off in “Return of the Jedi” but they might be using that idea for “The Force Awakens”. Will Han Solo die in “The Force Awakens”? We’ll have to wait and see. The internet better not spoil the movie for all of us if he does die, though ’cause I’m feeling those spoilers will be all over the place. *sigh*



Thought: Chris Brown breaking a window at “Good Morning America”…

I’m sure people want to know my thoughts on Chris Brown losing his temper again. Breaking a window and going mad at the “Good Morning America” studios, in his dressing room there. It’s obvious the law didn’t teach him anything. He’s going to be the same madman no matter how much help he gets. This is further proof that he will beat up someone again. Even worse, he could have beaten up that woman who interviewed him at “Good Morning America”, if he wanted to. Think about why he went back to the dressing room after the interview. He knows he couldn’t lay a hand on her, the interviewer.

Of course, nobody pressed charges on him and I’m sure that won’t violate his probation. That is what fame does to people. They get away with everything. The guy needs to be locked up.

What’s even more messed up, is that Chris Brown still has a lot of die hard fans that will support him, no matter what. Those idiot fans of his need to get out of their fantasy worlds and realize that their hero is not to be supported. They are supporting a woman beater. They must think beating women is okay.