Judge closes case on Chris Brown’s domestic violence… WTF is wrong with America???

Welp, look like the case is closed on the Chris Brown and Rihanna domestic violence. Seriously?

If Chris Brown was white and not famous, he would have gotten much harsher punishment. A white guy and a non-famous person would have gotten a few years in “state prison”. Notice how I said, “state prison” and not “jail”. All the prick got was probation, community service and domestic violence counseling? Even through all this, the prick continued to release music. Since the Rihanna beating happened in 2009, Chris released 4 albums since then and all of them best sellers. Fans continued to support this woman beating asshole.

What’s even worse with this whole thing is, I did feel compassion for Rihanna and felt sorry for her up until she have forgiven him and they got back into a relationship together. That made me sick. Really? Most women who are victims of domestic violence would leave him for good.

In my opinion, I think Chris got away with it… domestic violence… just like OJ got away with murder. He got away with it with fame, money and power. Chris is rich because of his music career. You can get what you want if you have loads of cash. I think he got lighter punishment out of domestic violence ’cause of the color of his skin obviously. If Chris was white and not famous, he would have been in prison right now. No doubt about it.

This is part of why I hate today’s music industry. Too many music artists living in delusional fantasy land. They think they are too important and powerful ’cause of their fame. I can’t stand it.

Chris is gonna beat up a woman again. Give it time, he’ll beat up that woman that he just had a kid with. All that community service and domestic violence counseling won’t teach him a damn thing. Once a woman beater, always a woman beater. I’ll never support ’em.



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