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Cool Video: “Battleship” trailer hits online!!!

Peter Berg’s “Battleship” movie based on the popular board game hits the internet today. From what I remember, the original Battleship game was never about battling against aliens. It’s supposed to be about battling other ships such as the Destroyer, submarine, aircraft carrier, etc. Just adding alien ships to the mix is just silly. The film stars Liam Neeson and Taylor Kitsch. Definitely looks like a wait for DVD thing for me. I’m not that excited about it.

Check it out, here.


Report: Taylor Kitsch of “Friday Night Lights” chops off his long hair for “Battleship” role…

Here is actor Taylor Kitsch, which he has always been known to have long hair pretty much throughout his entire career:

Here is Taylor Kitsch now, on the set of “Battleship” which is currently filming…

Dayam, the dude looks totally different with short hair and clean shaven!

Wonder if he’ll keep that short hair, now that he’s done filming “Friday Night Lights”? Probably not. I think he’ll grow the long hair back once he’s done with “Battleship”. He used to never believe in cutting his hair but I bet he was ordered to cut it for the “Battleship” role.


Report: Rihanna is starring in “Battleship”, official….

Pop star, Rihanna is set to star the leading role in “Battleship”, a film that would based on the famous board game. She will star alongside, Taylor Kitsch and Alex Hooper. Am I reading the plot/synopsis right? The Navy vs. Aliens?

More on it here:


I love Rihanna as a pop star, but her as an actress? Lets hope she can act.