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Film Review: John Carter

Directed by: Andrew Stanton
Starring: Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Willem Dafoe, Bryan Cranston

So today, I decided to hit the mall to check out the new, “John Carter”, movie released by Disney. Here is my review:

Plot/synopsis: A Civil War vet named, John Carter, who is from Virginia, is transplanted to planet Mars, the red planet. While there, he discovered that the planet was inhabited by 12 foot tall barbarians. While John is being kept prisoner by these barbarians, he met a princess named,Dejah Thoris, to save her from getting forced to marry a man who she doesn’t want to marry.

As some of you know, this film was based on the first John Carter book by, Edgar Rice Burroughs, which is originally titled, “A Princess of Mars”. The same author who wrote the Tarzan series. I never read the book but after seeing the film, makes me want to. I believe I can download the book for FREE through iBooks on my Ipad. Sometime, I’ll have to download it and read it myself.

On with the movie, I was at first pretty skeptical of this movie being made. The trailer didn’t grab me at first, but it grew on me. Plus, I like Taylor Kitsch as an actor. He is most well known for his role as Tim Riggins for, “Friday Night Lights”, plus he did several other films in his career as well. The other movies he starred in weren’t very big roles. They were mostly supporting roles and cameos. Finally, Taylor gets a huge opportunity to star in a major leading role and he ended up getting, John Carter. This John Carter character has appeared in comics and there was already a straight to DVD movie as well. It’s just that this character has never landed a big screen picture, and now it’s the time.

I actually thought the movie itself was very enjoyable and entertaining. It had good writing and good acting. The movie was a good long, 2 and half hours. It is action packed. The special effects are pretty impressive. Taylor did a great job in his first major leading role. Taylor did a great job playing a tough guy character.

A lot of people have been comparing this movie to “Star Wars”, and, “Avatar”, and I agree. This film is similar to those movies, but better, in my opinion. The action scenes were fun. I liked the characters Bryan Cranston and Willem Dafoe played. It’s a PG-13 Disney movie, but it still can be enjoyable for the little kids as well.

What I liked about “John Carter”, they made that movie kind of old school. The way sci fi movies were made back in the 70’s and 80’s. It had that kind of feeling. Kind of felt like David Lynch’s “Dune” or, “Enemy Mine”. There hasn’t been any new sci-fi action adventure flicks lately, and it’s about time that this genre makes a comeback. “John Carter” wasn’t the best movie ever made, but it was just enjoyable and fun.

Score for “John Carter” = *** (“3 stars” as in good)


Report: Will Taylor Kitsch reprise as Tim Riggins for the “Friday Night Lights” big screen movie?

Since Peter Berg is serious on bringing the, “Friday Night Lights”, TV show to the big screen, everyone is wondering if Taylor Kitsch will be reprising his role as, Tim Riggins. Well, Taylor himself finally responds and he said he will do it if the script for his character is worthy enough to come back. In other words, it must be good. He said he was proud of how his character ended the show, so he may or may not come back at all.

More on the story, here.

That’s understandable if he doesn’t want to come back ’cause he is becoming a much bigger star than ever before. He wasn’t in the last season of FNL that much, he only appeared for a few episodes. It’ll be cool if Taylor comes back but if he doesn’t, that’s fine too.

I’m hoping the big screen movie will be good too, so hopefully Mr. Berg does a good job with the film.



Cool Video: “Battleship” trailer hits online!!!

Peter Berg’s “Battleship” movie based on the popular board game hits the internet today. From what I remember, the original Battleship game was never about battling against aliens. It’s supposed to be about battling other ships such as the Destroyer, submarine, aircraft carrier, etc. Just adding alien ships to the mix is just silly. The film stars Liam Neeson and Taylor Kitsch. Definitely looks like a wait for DVD thing for me. I’m not that excited about it.

Check it out, here.


Report: Taylor Kitsch of “Friday Night Lights” chops off his long hair for “Battleship” role…

Here is actor Taylor Kitsch, which he has always been known to have long hair pretty much throughout his entire career:

Here is Taylor Kitsch now, on the set of “Battleship” which is currently filming…

Dayam, the dude looks totally different with short hair and clean shaven!

Wonder if he’ll keep that short hair, now that he’s done filming “Friday Night Lights”? Probably not. I think he’ll grow the long hair back once he’s done with “Battleship”. He used to never believe in cutting his hair but I bet he was ordered to cut it for the “Battleship” role.


Brock reviews “Friday Night Lights – Season 4” ***SPOILERS***

Well here it is, “Friday Night Lights” Season 4 is over already. It has came and gone. I must say that this season was a HUGE improvement from the first three seasons. The first three seasons were pretty good but the show needed a lot more improvements in the writing. I thought “Season 4” of FNL was the most powerful and emotional season of them all. No complaints at all for Season 4, as I thought it was the best season so far.

The Season begins with Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) no longer being coach of the Dillon Panthers. So Coach Eric forms his own football team called, the Lions instead. Eric Taylor loves football too much that he can’t give it up and wants to show his passion for football by continuing with coaching. In the beginning of the series focuses on Coach Eric struggling to keep the Lions together. There is a handful of new players for the new team, except the only returning player from the earlier seasons being part of the team is Landry Clarke, who was a former Panther from the earlier seasons. There is a new character named, Vince, who is black who Coach Eric tries to help him from getting in trouble with the law so he could stay with the team because Eric is impressed with Vince’s running skills. Vince is a troubled kid who is a criminal and he forms a friendship with Coach Eric. Later on, in the season, Eric almost came this close to losing the Lions team because he couldn’t get along with his team mates.

Then, Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) came along and helped Eric get his team back. Tim Riggins becomes friends with a girl named Becky and she and her mother offered him a place to stay in the trailer next to their home. Becky confesses that she is pregnant to Tim, and that a character named Luke is the father of the baby. She wants to have an abortion because she is afraid of what her mother will do if she finds out about it. Tim takes Becky to Tami Taylor for her help. Becky then decided she wants to keep the baby after learning from Tami’s advice. Tami learns that Luke’s mother is trying to get Tami fired from principal as Dillon high over this abortion thing. All of a sudden, the entire town of Dillon hates the Taylors for this abortion thing she tried to help Becky with. Now Tami is in danger of getting fired of being principal of Dillon High. Becky wants a romantic relationship with Tim Riggins, but Tim says no because he still have feelings for Lyla Garrity (Minka Kelly). Then a love triangle drama breaks out over this. Lyla is not in this season because the character is away for college, but Lyla did visit Dillon for a few episodes.

Billy Riggin’s wife, Mindy, is pregnant and is also about to have a baby soon. Billy is Tim’s brother. Billy and Tim needed money to help take care of Mindy’s baby. They couldn’t really think of anyway to make more money, so they put on a stripper party at the Riggin’s home to benefit money from that. After that, Tim and Billy still needed money. Tim tries to get a job somewhere out in town with the help of Becky, but no job would hire Tim at all. So Tim learns that Billy is at his car garage. Billy is working on stripping cars that were stolen and to sell the car parts for money, which is something known as illegal trafficking. Tim decides to help his brother out so Tim can make more money off of that which is a crime.

After Billy’s wife, Mindy, finally had her baby. Tim begins to feel like a happier person again because he is now an Uncle. At the same time, Tim feels terrible because he was caught and arrested with the trafficking crime earlier. The season ends with Tim turning himself into police and he’ll blame himself for the crime. Tim wanted to keep his brother, Billy, out of prison so he can be there for his newborn son. Tim was willing to go to prison instead to save his brother’s family. Which this is a perfect way to end the season.

This season had some good story lines, but the story line I loved the most, was the Tim Riggins storyline. In the earlier seasons, pretty much everyone in Dillon hated Tim Riggins, he was a character who was always drunk and a bit of a womanizer. This season, made the Tim Riggins character very special. Everybody saw Tim as a drunken loser but Tim wanted to prove that he can be a good guy and can help other people. This season Tim pretty much helped everybody. He helped Coach Eric, Luke, Tami Taylor, Becky, Billy, etc. For all this, Tim went to prison ’cause he was willing to do it.

It was a pretty impressive season. The show isn’t completely over, as there will still be Season 5 for next year. Season 5 will end the show completely. I’m sure Taylor Kitsch will be back for Season 5 and it will be interesting to see how he is going to be released from prison for next season. This season has been Kyle and Connie’s best acting.

I look forward for more FNL next year!


Report: Rihanna is starring in “Battleship”, official….

Pop star, Rihanna is set to star the leading role in “Battleship”, a film that would based on the famous board game. She will star alongside, Taylor Kitsch and Alex Hooper. Am I reading the plot/synopsis right? The Navy vs. Aliens?

More on it here:


I love Rihanna as a pop star, but her as an actress? Lets hope she can act.


REMINDER: Friday Night Lights Season 3 to return on Jan. 16th, TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!! :-)

FNL fans!!! The wait is almost over! “Friday Night Lights” the best show on television will make it’s return on Jan. 16th and that’s two weeks away! Just around the corner! Please everyone! Tune in and watch, enjoy. The show is very good and it isn’t lying when it says it’s the best show on TV because it is. Most shows on TV are such crap, but “FNL” is one of the very few shows that I LOVE to watch!!!

This show for this season needs as many people as it can to tune in so we can get a Season 4. Low ratings is the reason this show was this close to getting cancelled. So please watch the show to save it!

Believe me, the show is very good and it deserves to stay on the air for a long time. I sure can’t wait!!