Report: Will Taylor Kitsch reprise as Tim Riggins for the “Friday Night Lights” big screen movie?

Since Peter Berg is serious on bringing the, “Friday Night Lights”, TV show to the big screen, everyone is wondering if Taylor Kitsch will be reprising his role as, Tim Riggins. Well, Taylor himself finally responds and he said he will do it if the script for his character is worthy enough to come back. In other words, it must be good. He said he was proud of how his character ended the show, so he may or may not come back at all.

More on the story, here.

That’s understandable if he doesn’t want to come back ’cause he is becoming a much bigger star than ever before. He wasn’t in the last season of FNL that much, he only appeared for a few episodes. It’ll be cool if Taylor comes back but if he doesn’t, that’s fine too.

I’m hoping the big screen movie will be good too, so hopefully Mr. Berg does a good job with the film.



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