REMINDER: Friday Night Lights Season 3 to return on Jan. 16th, TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!! :-)

FNL fans!!! The wait is almost over! “Friday Night Lights” the best show on television will make it’s return on Jan. 16th and that’s two weeks away! Just around the corner! Please everyone! Tune in and watch, enjoy. The show is very good and it isn’t lying when it says it’s the best show on TV because it is. Most shows on TV are such crap, but “FNL” is one of the very few shows that I LOVE to watch!!!

This show for this season needs as many people as it can to tune in so we can get a Season 4. Low ratings is the reason this show was this close to getting cancelled. So please watch the show to save it!

Believe me, the show is very good and it deserves to stay on the air for a long time. I sure can’t wait!!


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