Report: Chris Brown is a delusional idiot, this clown still has a career?

I tried to find the youtube video to this but look like the coward took it down. Him blaming the haters for beating up Rihanna.

The Associated Press reports:

Once a woman beater, always a woman beater. It doesn’t matter how much of an annoying bitch a woman is, you never hit her, not even a punch in the shoulder either. If she punches you first, you don’t hit back.

If she is about to kill you with a knife or a gun, it’s okay to attack her back for self defense, only if it’s something life theatening… that’s it…but reacting with violence now matter how angry she makes you is wrong.

Chris is just doing whatever it takes to save his so called music career.



One thought on “Report: Chris Brown is a delusional idiot, this clown still has a career?”

  1. I used to think Kevin Federline was the biggest douche in California. That’s until I heard of this punk!
    His old music wasn’t bad but all guys who fight with a girl should have their face punched in by someone big and fit and muscular.
    What a douche.
    I hope someone kicks his mulatto ass.
    Once again, whoever does it has to be sure to NOT hit him in his unnaturally and inhumanly thick head bones (because of evolution).
    Hit him in the stomach!!
    Right on. Keep calling out these filthy bottom feeders. I hope he never wins a Grammy ever and never gets invited to P-Diddy’s famous “white” party ever again.

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