Brock’s first day at the Fitness gym…

So I now officially have monthly subscriptions at my local “Fitness Gym” in Greenwich. The guy that owns the place was teaching me how to use all the equipment there. All the cardiovascular machines and the weightlifting machines as well. Pretty easy stuff. It has everything you need there to be a bodybuilder to build up every body part.

Working out at a gym is a lot of fun and feels real good. I’ll probably be going there on a regular basis. All year round. It’s a nice little gym with good machines and equipment.

The place is like a little YMCA. A great gym with decent pricing.

I’ll be going back there this weekend to do a full workout ’cause I have to work an all day/evening shift at my job the next two days. I’ll work out there as much as I can depending on my working schedules.

It’s awesome getting into this.


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