Don’t be surprised if it turns out that Obama was stalking Miriam Carey!!!

Miriam Carey may have been mentally ill but she could be right that President Obama could have been stalking her. I wouldn’t be surprised if this turned out to be real that Obama tried to have an affair with her and you shouldn’t be either. Remember, a few years ago of Obama’s rumored affair with a young woman named, Vera Baker? Look it up yourself. It’s turning out that this could be the reason why Miriam did what she did. She tried to crash into the White House in retaliation? Maybe some kind of warning? Obama has a history of stalking every American electronically and maybe this was in response to his illegal wiretapping? Be on the look out for more affair rumors. If they find that President Obama have sent text messages, e-mails or phone calls to this Miriam woman — then Obama could be in a lot of trouble.

This is the 4th day of government shutdown and I’ve read somewhere that Obama went to get take-out lunch. Obama hasn’t yet responded to the Miriam Carey incident either.

Hope you enjoyed that sandwich, Barack. What’s next? Golf? Another vacation to Martha’s Vineyard?



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