Is Hillary Clinton a war monger??? It seems so… and doesn’t surprise me…

Hillary tried to start a war against Libya and tried to urge Obama to declare war against the country but instead Muammar Gaddafi was removed from power and was executed. Was this what the Obama administration and Hillary tried to cover up over the past few years ’cause Hillary was gonna declare war against Libya? Is this what sparked the attacks that left 4 of our Americans dead????

Finally, some info is starting to come out of Benghazi and it’s about time. When Trey Gowdy himself gets this info out there, this could destroy Hillary’s political life and her reputation.

The sad part of all this is that libtards looked up to Hillary as if she’s a hero or a rock star or something. Will they turn their back on her when this info gets out? Will all the Dems in Congress turn on her? Libtards hated Bush for being a war monger and I wonder if they’ll feel the same for Hillary?

Look like she’s gonna be done, guys. This should be good enough to get Hillary indicted. Obama should get charged with treason as well ’cause only Congress can declare war on a country.

When this info gets out there, this could be big news all over the media but will the media turn on Hillary as well? We’ll have to wait and see.

I’m sure Trey is gonna have a public hearing about these tapes ’cause America needs to know what kind of woman Hillary really is. She’s not the hero that everyone wants to believe. She’s an evil bitch who should be locked up. I hope Trey will finally expose her for what she really is.

It’s coming, America. Be ready for this!!!


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