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President Morsi sentenced to 20 years in prison without parole in Egypt, why didn’t this happen to Barack Obama?

So Mohamed Morsi the former president of Egypt has been sentenced to 20 years in prison in Egypt without parole. While it is good news and long overdue, the sentencing isn’t long enough. It should be for life.


Also, why isn’t this happening to Barack Obama? How come we aren’t seeing a lot of people trying to oust him as president and get him in prison where he should be?

Partly because we have a weak America who is too cowardly to do anything about Obama. We have too many protecting Obama and have too many refusing to hold him accountable such as… the mainstream media, other liberal politicians, liberals in America such as yourself and there are even some of the GOP in Congress that are protecting him too. Nobody wants to hold him accountable for anything. That’s why nothing is gonna happen to him.

Some of you may ask, what should Obama get arrested for? Well, there are tons of things.

  1. Many years of fraud and forgery like the fraudulent birth certificate
  2. Murdering too many innocent people
  3. Benghazi and Operation F&F
  4. All the scandals such as the NSA spying, the IRS, V.A. waiting list scandal
  5. The Bergdhal prisoner swap
  6. Being more concerned in protecting the Muslim religion than protecting Americans… that should have been treason
  7. Leaving the Mexican borders wide open for illegals to pour in
  8. Amnesty
  9. The Iran nuclear deal
  10. Sending guns to terrorists and paying them money

I can go on with the list.

It is amazing to me how the American people have given him so much power to get away with all these things and yet nothing is happening to Barack Obama.

Seriously, guys, something needs to be done about Barack and if you still can’t see that, then I don’t wanna talk to you anymore. You’ll get ignored by me, the more you keep being ignorant and the more you keep denying the evil in him.

All that stuff I listed above should be worth over a hundred years in prison and yet, he’s still standing.

I can’t understand why people are making him above the law when it should be real easy to get him busted and throw him in jail. He’s got too many people protecting him, including the FBI, CIA, etc. I can’t understand why people would put their life on the line to protect this man.

I wouldn’t protect criminals. I wouldn’t care how much they would pay me or if I got interrogated. All criminals should be held responsible, shouldn’t matter the skin color or who you are.


Is Hillary Clinton a war monger??? It seems so… and doesn’t surprise me…

Hillary tried to start a war against Libya and tried to urge Obama to declare war against the country but instead Muammar Gaddafi was removed from power and was executed. Was this what the Obama administration and Hillary tried to cover up over the past few years ’cause Hillary was gonna declare war against Libya? Is this what sparked the attacks that left 4 of our Americans dead????

Finally, some info is starting to come out of Benghazi and it’s about time. When Trey Gowdy himself gets this info out there, this could destroy Hillary’s political life and her reputation.


The sad part of all this is that libtards looked up to Hillary as if she’s a hero or a rock star or something. Will they turn their back on her when this info gets out? Will all the Dems in Congress turn on her? Libtards hated Bush for being a war monger and I wonder if they’ll feel the same for Hillary?

Look like she’s gonna be done, guys. This should be good enough to get Hillary indicted. Obama should get charged with treason as well ’cause only Congress can declare war on a country.

When this info gets out there, this could be big news all over the media but will the media turn on Hillary as well? We’ll have to wait and see.

I’m sure Trey is gonna have a public hearing about these tapes ’cause America needs to know what kind of woman Hillary really is. She’s not the hero that everyone wants to believe. She’s an evil bitch who should be locked up. I hope Trey will finally expose her for what she really is.

It’s coming, America. Be ready for this!!!


Egyptian woman calls out President Obama…

Now this video is a lot better than that “Between Two Ferns” crap. An Egyptian woman is seen here ranting about President Obama. Telling him to shut up and gives him warnings that they will never replace, President Morsi.

Even the Egyptians know how President Obama is. The whole world hates the guy, not just the USA.

So let me ask you a question, guys. Is this woman a racist for hating on Obama? Is she a crazed right-wing conspiracy theorist? LOL! Wake up, you ignorant pieces of shits!


Unsurprisingly, Egypt names Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group…

What do you make of this one? Egypt finally names Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group. Is the Muslim Brotherhood peaceful? Egypt doesn’t think so.

Read more on the story, here.

These are the people [Muslim Brotherhood] who the Obama administration highly supported. They aided them guns earlier this year and money as well. These are also the people who Barack Obama supports on a regular basis. Obama even invited them to the White House personally also.

Egypt are upset at Obama being President ’cause they won’t stop protesting.

I don’t see how you can call Obama innocent and harmless after him treating the Muslim Brotherhood like they are his friends. Even more hints that Obama could be Muslim.


More on the possibility of Obama and Morsi teaming up to attack Benghazi embassy…

While it’s looking like that the Egyptian president Morsi maybe a huge possible suspect for Benghazi… this still doesn’t make Obama innocent in this case. How? Simply put Obama seems to be protecting him. I think the original goal with the Benghazi consulate attack is that President Morsi was originally going to kidnap Ambassador Stevens in exchange for “The Blind Sheik” but their whole mission went bad. After seeing that Obama has been aiding Egypt with F-16’s, money, and other things… you can start to see how they were working closely together for the Benghazi attacks as well. I’m starting to see it too.

Obama is just protecting the man the best he can. That’s why he sent Hillary and Susan Rice to lie at the hearings to protect Morsi. Why would Obama protect Morsi? To save his presidency, I would imagine.

This doesn’t make Obama innocent in this at all. If they’re gonna name Morsi a suspect… they should name Obama a suspect too. Where was Obama during the 7 hours the consulate building was getting destroyed? Obama was probably hanging with Morsi somewhere. Obama was definitely not in the Situation Room at the White House. Obama and Morsi obviously planned this attack together along with Hillary Clinton. Why do you think Hillary decided not to go for another term of Secretary of State?

If it’s proven to be true that Morsi was behind the Benghazi attacks… then President Obama is finished. It’ll be good enough for impeachment and possible imprisonment. Obama may have not been behind the attack sure but he still knew everything about it and tried to help cover it all up — that’s exactly how it’s gonna get Obama in deep trouble, no matter what you think of it.

Hopefully, we get to the bottom of Benghazi this summer. I’m not gonna move on from Benghazi until we get to the bottom of it.

Check out this article and see for yourself, here.


Egyptian people trying to tell Obama to stop supporting terrorism in facebook…

Woah! This is very interesting! Even though, President Morsi of Egypt have been overthrown by military… the Egyptian people are not giving up their protests over President Obama. Check it out on his official facebook page… here

His facebook page is being flooded by Egyptian people trying to get him to leave them alone and quit supporting terrorism.

What do you guys think of the Egyptian people? Are you going to call them a bunch of phonies and starting drama bullshit too? Are you going to tell them what they do is wrong? Even the Egyptians know how he is and it looks like they’re trying to end Obama’s presidency too.

I can’t blame Egypt for what they do. They love their country — they’re just as scared, and they want to be safe.

If Obama claims he cares for people in America and around the world, he should do what they ask and leave them alone but he won’t. Obama is all about power and greed. That’s all he cares about and that’s why he does stuff like this.


Congrats Egypt, and we love you too!!!!




Today is a historic day for Egypt and the United States of America. President Morsi was removed from office by the Cairo military. Here is a sign from the Egyptian people telling us that they had nothing but love for us. Not only that they wanted to get rid of their president to do what’s best for the country… the Egyptian people also did it to help us. The Obama Administration were working closely with President Morsi by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood… aiding them F16’s, other weapons and funding them. They didn’t want Muslim Brotherhood to turn Egypt into a Muslim state. They wanted to get rid of Muslim Brotherhood and they succeeded.

I’ll have to tell you one thing though, that there are three certain jackass readers on this blog who defended the Muslim religion and acted like they were good people. THEY’RE NOT. The Muslim’s actions in Egypt just proved how evil those fuckers really are. It also showed that Obama could be Muslim all the way. Next time somebody defends the Muslim/Islam religion… the comment will be removed and you’re banned from posting here completely. I’m serious about this. They’re evil people and terrorists — you seriously look like a bunch of dumbasses defending the so-called religion.

I’m pretty sure Obama is disappointed that they got rid of Morsi. It also shows that both of them might of had something to do with the Benghazi attacks as well. Don’t be surprised if this will help confirm that.

Now if people in America would wake up on President Obama more, we should be doing the same thing. Protesting and rallying all over the fuckin’ place to get Obama to step-down or get Congress to do something about this man. Don’t be surprised if the US is planning to retaliate against Egypt now that Morsi have been overthrown.

Remember, if you defend the Muslim religion, it will get ignored and you’re done posting here. Don’t like it? Get off my blog.

Congrats to Egypt and good luck over there!


President Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood allegedly involved in Benghazi attack???

Did President Morsi — the President of Egypt — order the Benghazi attack? Did he send all those armed men to attack the US embassy in Libya? Several other people from Muslim Brotherhood helped Morsi out? That’s what it’s looking like and it looks like we may get closer to the truth of Benghazi, after all, if this is proven to be true.

Seriously though, do you find it a surprise that Muslims were involved in Benghazi? All those armed men were Muslims?

If this story turns out to be true and if the US confirms that President Morsi was involved — that would land Obama into a lot of trouble. Why?

1) For helping to cover it up and not sending military help

2) Obama could have been the one who armed all those Muslim men

3) He could have been working closely with Morsi on the attack

4) Obama knowing about Morsi attacking the embassy and not telling anyone about it

If this story posted in the link turns out to be true then it would for sure put an end to Obama’s presidency and could land him some prison time too. Islam a peaceful religion? I don’t freakin’ think so!

Check out the story here, and then you be the judge.


Egypt protest

Just like all of you, I have been following the controversial Egypt protest that’s been all over the news. It’s really amazing stuff. The innocent people and civilians in Egypt are standing up for what they believe in. Egyptians love their country so much, just like how Americans love the USA. It’s quite incredible how these people in Egypt are wanting their country to be better. As we all know, these people are protesting for a variety of things. They’re fighting for high pricing of things, more freedom of speech, police brutality, better living conditions and they are even fighting to have their internet access back. They are also trying to end the Presidency of Mubarek.

I’ve been watching videos of the protest in youtube, and it’s just absolutely amazing.

I just wish us Americans could do something like this to protest the White House in Washington, D.C. Why can’t we all protest President Obama so we can live better in the U.S.? What about all the things Obama promised he was going to give us which he haven’t done anything? What about making the US economics better, ending the wars, and catching Osama Bin Laden? Us Americans have plenty of things to protest for. We need to do what Egypt is doing. Of course, us Americans are lazy and don’t want to do anything.