Darrell Issa tries to crash Trey Gowdy’s closed doors Benghazi meeting but was thrown out…

Today, Trey Gowdy is holding a private meeting with Sidney Blumenthal for the Benghazi Select Committee but Darrell Issa tried to crash the meeting for whatever reason. Trey Gowdy wasn’t putting up with it and said to him that this meeting is private. Darrell was escorted by Gowdy himself and Darrell was told to leave. As Darrell stormed off down the hallway, he threw an empty soda can into the trashcan.


Something tells me that Darrell is one of those RINOS trying to stop the Benghazi investigation. Is Trey Gowdy getting too close to the truth now that he finally got Blumenthal in front of him? Who sent Darrell out there to crash the meeting? Obama, I bet. Blumenthal is one of the key witnesses of the Benghazi attack. I think a certain someone is getting nervous that Blumenthal is getting interviewed so this person (Obama) sent Darrell out to distract Gowdy.


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