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Welp, looks Like I’m done with twitter for good since they’ve banned president Trump for simply doing nothing wrong…

I’m locked out of twitter for posting a tweet and just like that looks like I’m on a permanent lockout. I could probably get it back myself by just entering my phone number and following instructions but I don’t have a phone number that’s associated with that account so I can’t get back in at all. I tried appealing but then twitter says they won’t unlock my account simply ’cause I said the word “cunt” in a tweet. Yes, that’s right. Guess twitter don’t like the “c” word anymore. On my twitter, I used cuss words and other nasty words all the time but never got a lock out until I used the word “cunt” when talking about Ellen Page coming out as a transgender male in a tweet, lol…. that was the tweet that got me the permanent suspension.

Ah well, social media censorship is a growing problem and it’s getting worse. A lot of conservatives and Trump supporters getting kicked off of social media like crazy anyways. Many of them don’t do anything wrong and a lot of us follow the TOS pretty well but a lot of us get suspended and kicked off ’cause punishment on social media is very biased nowadays.

Then I learned that all of social media just banned president Trump this week… which includes twitter, FB and instagram. I was trying to find out why. I hate to share something from CNN but I’m just trying to find out why twitter banned Trump… it’s basically for two tweets… one was Trump saying that his supporters will not be disrespected in anyway shape or form and the other one saying that Trump will not attend Joe’s inauguration day.


I’m like, huh???? How is Trump defending and praising Trump supporters in a tweet and saying that he refuses to attend Joe’s inauguration inciting violence? Nothing wrong with those tweets at all and nothing dangerous about them.

Trump supporters been disrespected since the 2016’s elections and Trump has had our back since then. He still has our back now and was only trying to defend us.

Yeah, I’m a Trump supporter and quite proud of it.

Nothing wrong with Trump’s tweet about Joe’s inauguration either ’cause Joe simply doesn’t deserve Trump’s attention and time of day, he got suspended for that really???

Ya know, social media’s been trying to ban Trump permanently for a long time and they’ve been dying to do it… and here they are. They finally did it. I think they did it ’cause not because Trump incites violence like they accuse him of, they did it hoping he step down from the presidency shortly before Joe’s inauguration. Trump getting kicked off of social media before Jan. 20th is pretty questionable.

Anyway, I’m done with twitter for good ’cause it sucked anyways. I mean, twitter is a cesspool of pedophiles to begin with. They’re more worried about conservatives and Trump supporters, yet they allow pedos on that platform? Fuck twitter. To hell with it.

I’m gonna make my way on Parler and possibly GAB this weekend. I’ll sign up for those tomorrow.

I remember twitter used to be fun but it’s absolute garbage now. I’m hanging on FB and instagram for now.


Thought: This whole president celebration was ridiculous…

Yep, I watched the President Obama inauguration yesterday. Just for the hell of it. It was pretty much one huge joke. All them people all over Washington D.C.? All them long speeches before the Vice President and U.S. President swearings? The singing of Aretha Franklin and performances of Yo Yo Ma? Was all that really necessary and historic? No. All you need for an inaugural is swearing the Vice President and the U.S. President in so they can get right to work. They don’t really need all that celebration and partying stuff, it was all just for fun and a celebration, it wasn’t historic.

I felt kind of bad for President Obama yesterday. Him and his family barely ever getting any privacy from the media, Obama looked really bored sitting out in the crowd and you can tell by the looks of his face, that the only thing on his mind is that he can’t wait for that day to get over with so he can get right to work in the Oval Office. That was the only thing he cared about.

Although I don’t really care for Obama that much, and don’t think he’ll make much of a “change” with our country, I’ll give him a chance to see how he does the next 4 years. If he does a good job, maybe I’ll like him more. If he screws up and becomes worse than President Dubya, then America definitely voted the wrong guy and should of went for McCain/Palin instead. It’s only a matter of time that sooner or later everybody will be hating on President Obama pretty quick.