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Breitbart: Why Harry Reid’s exercising accident story doesn’t add up…

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This article explains perfectly on how Harry Reid’s “exercising accident” is complete bullshit. Anybody with half a brain would know that Harry’s accident is bullshit. Don’t be so fucking naive all the time, people. STOP believing everything that the media tells you.

If you look at news such as CNN and the Washington Post as a credible source of news then I feel sorry for you.

Harry is indeed being secretive about something and there’s no doubt in my mind that someone or more than one person gave him a pretty good beating. Either that or was it during BDSM? Either way, he is keeping something from the public.


Did somebody beat up Harry Reid and forced him to retire?

Harry Reid shockingly announces retirement as you see in this video below. This does look pretty suspicious, looking at his eye injury and bruises on his face.

The mainstream media claims that Harry hurt himself during an exercise accident.


His facial injuries doesn’t look like an exercise accident to me, though. Definitely looks like somebody punched him in the face multiple times and got himself a brutal beating! I think Obama had him get beat up and forced him to retire. The question is, why though? Was Senator Reid gonna talk on any of Obama’s scandals and they ousted Reid to keep him quiet?

Anyway, whatever happened to Senator Reid… he’s definitely being secretive about something.