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Report: Radiohead cancels Downsview Park concert in Toronto due to stage collapse, killing 1 and injuring a few others…

Radiohead, was schedule to perform at Downsview Park tonight in Toronto, Canada, but the band were forced to cancel the concert due to a stage collapsing, which killed one person and injured a few others. The band themselves made the announcement on facebook/twitter, saying fans who bought tickets will get refunds and fans were told not to travel to the show.

While I’m sure, this is angering a lot of Radiohead fans, the band did a good move here, so I’m siding with them. Human lives are more important than music, so Radiohead had no choice but to cancel the gig for good, ’cause it’s for the best. I mean, this could have been Radiohead performing on stage. What if Radiohead were rehearsing before the show? It could have happened to them instead. Plus, they had to cancel the show out of respect for the person that died. Radiohead is just being professional about this.

This is just even more proof that outdoor concerts can be very very dangerous. This is pretty tragic, and I’m sure the guys in Radiohead are scared themselves.

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