Olympics Hockey – USA vs. Canada earlier tonight…

Yes, I did watch it. The final Hockey game which is also the last Olympics game of this year’s Winter season. I’ll tell ya that I was never that much of a hockey fan. I watched the whole game today. It was an amazing game. I never felt that thrilled in a sports game before. I mean, tonight’s hockey game at the Olympics was almost like the Superbowl but it was even better. Yes, the hockey game today was that amazing. It was unbelievable. THRILLING! HISTORY MAKING!

While I’m sad USA didn’t win the game, Canada does deserve the win though since the Olympics was in their home country.

I love the Olympics this year over all though. I watched it every day and every night as much as I can. Lots of history making with all athletes and games. Lindsey Vonn and Shaun White were a hit for me. I’ll admit that Johnny Weir is impressive and talented even though that guy is weird.

It was a very good year of the Winter Olympics. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Watching the Closing Ceremony as I type this and I’m happy that Neil Young performed this time.


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