Brocks thoughts on Prince Harry partying with girls and getting naked in Vegas…who cares? Let him have the fun…

Honestly, I don’t find anything wrong with Prince Harry wanting to have a little fun in the USA. He has private sexual fantasies like most of us, so what’s the big deal? He may have an obsession of being a nudist. He probably does these things all the time in England, except when he decided to do it in the USA, of course, he had to be exposed by the media, thanks to TMZ. TMZ is a pretty cold and evil website, I always hated them. I don’t even read TMZ anymore like I used to. Prince Harry deserves the rights to his privacy. So whoever took the pics and sent them to TMZ is a total loser. America is obsessed with famous people, and it’s making me sick. Who cares if Harry wants to have fun and party it up? That’s his business. Can you blame him? It’s VEGAS! Everyone wants to party in Vegas.

Just wanted to give my brief thoughts on this for those who are wondering. Harry did nothing wrong at all. As long it’s legal (which was), he has the right to party it up with women if he wanted. HE IS PRINCE FUCKING HARRY! The man has the power to do what he wants to do, of course, the USA ladies will be all over him. Let him enjoy himself and leave him the hell alone.

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