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There are good Muslims and bad Muslims, I just realized that after Trump’s visit in Saudi Arabia…

Like most conservatives, I used to believe that all Muslims are bad people but after seeing Trump’s visit in Saudi Arabia… my thoughts on Muslims began to change. I thought to myself, Muslims in Saudi were surprisingly very kind and nice to the Trump family… maybe Muslims aren’t all that bad? Not all Muslims are bad. Just some of them. There are peaceful Muslims and there are “radical” Muslims too so there is such a thing as good Muslims and bad Muslims.

The good Muslims don’t encourage violence and killing of innocent people but they let some of their religion get “radicalize”; therefor, some Muslims becoming evil and they let it happen. Trump’s message to Muslims that he urged the good Muslims to drive the evil Muslims out.

Even Piers Morgan happens to agree with Trump on that and I really like this write-up:


Yeah, there are good Muslims out there, I just wish some Trump supporters and conservatives would stop painting all Muslims like they’re bad people. Some of them are bad but not all of them. Islam is peaceful but “Radical Islam” is the problem.

I agree with Trump and Piers, it’s finally time for the good Muslims to speak out about “terrorism” and they need to help fight terrorism too. That’s why Trump gave them an arms deal so they can “drive” out the terrorists.

What happened at Manchester was sickening and we really need to destroy Isis pretty badly. “Radical Islam” and ISIS are the two reasons why we elected Trump to begin with. You would think the Manchester concert attack would be good enough for liberals to wake up but of course not. They will always be blind, ignorant and dumb. Always worried about offending Muslims and calling Trump supporters “Islamophobes”, “bigots” or “racists”. Nothing new here, y’all.

I’m not a big fan of Ariana Grande’s music at all but my thoughts and prayers go out to her too. Glad she’s okay and glad she’s safe. Hope that taught her a good lesson that Islamic terrorism is real. God bless the UK. We really need to take out ISIS pretty badly. It’s what we voted Trump for pretty much. It’s not that hard to understand.


Congrats UK, we in the USA love you! That means there’s hope for the USA too!

The UK just made history! They left the EU and now the UK have their own control of their country so the UK officially have their country back now… thanks to Donald Trump. See how Trump is inspiring other countries? People thought Trump would be an enemy to other countries but he proved them wrong once again. Trump will be a friend to other countries.

Not only that the UK finally left the EU, the corrupted Prime Minister, David Cameron step-down from office over there which is amazing to see.

Voting out the EU is a vote for Donald Trump and a slap in the face to Obama/Hillary.


Now the UK has their own “Independence Day” finally. The UK deserves to be free. Liberals in the UK and the USA are upset that the UK is now FREE but what do you expect from liberals? They always seem to get upset when a country wants freedom.

Donald Trump urged UK voters to leave the EU and the british people listened to Trump. It’s turning out that the Brits over there love Donald Trump which is so cool. Now that the UK is finally a free country, lets see if we can get our country back by electing Trump in Nov. Just something to be aware, Trump haters, the Brexit could lead to a Trump presidency in the White House over here. Nigel Farage just endorsed Trump.

Since the UK finally took out David Cameron, it’s possible to take out Obama over here. How about an Obamaxit next, hey?

I love British people and the UK. I’d love to visit England sometime and I will!


Will Britain leave the EU tomorrow?

I haven’t been following this “Brexit” stuff too much but after doing a little reading about it all today, I find it interesting. The people in the UK are hurting just like we are in the USA. The EU is hurting Britain and those british people are getting fed up of all the control they’re getting by Brussels. Kind of hard to explain but it goes something like that. British economy is hurting and they are having an immigration problem too. British people don’t want illegals pouring into their country either and I hear that their immigration problem is worse than the US. The British is full of government corruption just like the US and David Cameron is just as corrupted as Barack Obama. Cameron and Obama are pretty much the same. Seems that Cameron wants to destroy the UK intentionally just like Obama wants to destroy the USA.

I wish the UK best of luck in their voting tomorrow. I’m sure the UK will prevail on leaving the EU. I love British people.


Another hint that Obama WAS born in Kenya…

Check this out…

The BNA in the UK have discovered some archived files where they found that an unnamed son of Barack Obama Sr. who was born in Kenya in 1961. It does show the birthdate of the “unnamed” son which is Aug. 4th, 1961 (Obama’s birthday). It doesn’t show Obama Jr.’s name, though so that is not really official proof… but it’s a hint that the “unnamed” son could be Obama Jr., though. 

Damn…. Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham hid his info VERY WELL. 

Report: British National Archives show a son was born to Obama Sr. in 1961 in Kenya


Obama’s bullshit, “We don’t have a strategy” excuse…

I just heard Obama’s statement on Isis today in which he refers to them as ISIL. Noticing that he for some reason refuses to say their name Isis but calls them ISIL instead. Like most of Obama’s speeches, he just spews out a bunch of bullshit like usual. Typical Obama.

I kind of laughed when he said, “We don’t have a strategy yet. We need to make sure we’ve got clear plans. As out strategy develops, we will consult with Congress.”

Yes, only Congress has the power to declare war… not the president. Even if Congress declares war, Obama still won’t do anything about Isis. If you think it’s impossible to defeat Isis, you’re delusional. From the way I’ve seen what Isis is, they are not as dangerous and tough as they look. Of course, they can get easily get defeated by our soldiers. If we were able to go to war with Al-Qaeda through the Iraq/Afghanistan War, we can go to war against Isis. I used to be against war but when something like Isis comes up, war is needed.

We need to get rid of Obama and get a republican president who have the balls to DO something about Isis. If George W. Bush was still president, I’m pretty sure he would have done something.

And don’t buy into Obama’s lies when he said he will consult with Congress. When was the last time he consulted with Congress on something? Be honest now??? He won’t consult with Congress even if he had a plan to take down Isis.

It can’t be all that difficult to come up with a plan to take down Isis and hand it over to Congress for a vote. Obama is never gonna do that.

His whole statement today was just his way of saying, “Watch out, America… this is just the beginning of the Islamic state”.

Also, imagine how it would look if Adolf Hitler or Saddam Hussein said, “We don’t have a strategy…”.

Obama won’t do anything about his Isis ’cause he simply doesn’t want to ruin his plan on turning America into an Islamic state. His whole speech just said that. Him wearing a tan colored suit is a pretty good sign of that.

He wants Isis to be doing what they’re doing and you can see it on Obama’s face. He had no fear. No regrets. Obama refuses to say ISIS but instead refers to them by ISIL which is very scary. Another hint of his Muslim beliefs.

The UK is having severe terrorist threats now ’cause of ISIS and I’m betting you, Obama won’t do anything about that either. The UK is about ready to get added to their Islamic state.

Obama doesn’t give a shit. This is what he wants. Right now, I’m sure Obama is back to golfing or spending time with his family.

We need a real leader who is willing to fight back at these terrorists and freakin’ Muslims. Islam a peaceful religion??? Fuck off if you really think so. We need to get rid of the Islam religion and destroy them all.


Brocks thoughts on Prince Harry partying with girls and getting naked in Vegas…who cares? Let him have the fun…

Honestly, I don’t find anything wrong with Prince Harry wanting to have a little fun in the USA. He has private sexual fantasies like most of us, so what’s the big deal? He may have an obsession of being a nudist. He probably does these things all the time in England, except when he decided to do it in the USA, of course, he had to be exposed by the media, thanks to TMZ. TMZ is a pretty cold and evil website, I always hated them. I don’t even read TMZ anymore like I used to. Prince Harry deserves the rights to his privacy. So whoever took the pics and sent them to TMZ is a total loser. America is obsessed with famous people, and it’s making me sick. Who cares if Harry wants to have fun and party it up? That’s his business. Can you blame him? It’s VEGAS! Everyone wants to party in Vegas.

Just wanted to give my brief thoughts on this for those who are wondering. Harry did nothing wrong at all. As long it’s legal (which was), he has the right to party it up with women if he wanted. HE IS PRINCE FUCKING HARRY! The man has the power to do what he wants to do, of course, the USA ladies will be all over him. Let him enjoy himself and leave him the hell alone.