Another hint that Obama WAS born in Kenya…

Check this out…

The BNA in the UK have discovered some archived files where they found that an unnamed son of Barack Obama Sr. who was born in Kenya in 1961. It does show the birthdate of the “unnamed” son which is Aug. 4th, 1961 (Obama’s birthday). It doesn’t show Obama Jr.’s name, though so that is not really official proof… but it’s a hint that the “unnamed” son could be Obama Jr., though. 

Damn…. Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham hid his info VERY WELL. 

Report: British National Archives show a son was born to Obama Sr. in 1961 in Kenya


8 thoughts on “Another hint that Obama WAS born in Kenya…”

  1. Hawaii reporter is not a real news site. They’ve reported on UFOs and mermaids in the past, and have tried to convince people of the pending zombie apocalypse. It’s Hawaii’s version of a cross between Mad Magainze and the National Enquirer. They’ve even won awards for their satire and comedy.

    1. Where do you get your shit from? They are not a satire comedy site. They seem like a reliable source to me. They don’t say they’re a satire and comedy site at all from what I’ve seen in their “About” section. Malia Zimmerman the sites owner was a consultant for FOX News and things like that.

      They don’t say they’re a satire and comedy site at all.

      As for sightings of UFO’s and Mermaids… people all over the world have reported those sightings. Not just Hawaii so it’s nothing new. You just never know that UFO’s and Mermaids could be real.


      1. From their awards and accomplishments, they didn’t win anything on comedy or satire. They’ve won for best investigative journalism and the Wall Steet Journal called Malia Zimmerman a fearless and fair reporter. So there’s a few hints that this site is pretty reliable.

        I think this article about Obama’s birth they just posted is pretty serious and not tabloids.

        Of course, I love it how you guys try to make it look like that I’m posting fake articles and it’s not working.


      2. Like usual, you guys are misinformed idiots. The UK BNA discovery of Obama’s birth records is nothing new. This has been reported in alternative news media sites for the past couple of years now after a quick google search. The Hawaiian Reporter didn’t exclusively report the news. This story was reported everywhere.

        Of course, everything reported about Obama’s birthplace or his long-rumored homosexuality is considered conspiracy theory or tabloids.

        Get over it. Obama’s an illegal immigrant and I’m sticking with it.


  2. Until it is proven, it IS conspiracy theory. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. All you have to do is look up the definition of conspiracy theory.

    1. Trust me… most of us are still not buying that his long form birth certificate is authentic. At least, us right-wingers are not falling for it.

      When you accuse me of believing in fake articles, you’re the biggest hypocrite here when you are quick to believe everything this administration puts out there.


    2. You are one of the very few so called “right-wingers” who really believe Obama was American born. I can tell you that 99% of right-wingers believe he wasn’t born here. If you honestly think that most conservatives believe he was born in the USA, then you haven’t been spending a lot of time in conservative forums and facebook groups.


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