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Barack Obama caught on camera saying, “the first sitting American president to come from Kenya”… is this a confession???

For many years on my blogs, I’ve been trying to show how Barack Obama’s birth certificate is fake but of course, liberal readers tried to debunk everything that was said on here about it. Well, Barack just visited Kenya again as a former president of the U.S. and he was caught saying this, “the first sitting American president to come from Kenya”. This is not a doctored video. Seems pretty real to me. This video clip was taken from an Obama speech in Kenya where a Kenyan website was live streaming.

Of course, liberal media completely ignored this and I’m sure liberals will try to continue to debunk this by saying, “it was taking out of context”, saying that he misspoke and blah blah blah. This isn’t fake and Barack seems to really say that.

This isn’t a big shocker to me, though ’cause I always knew that Barack Obama’s birth certificate was fake from the very beginning and my views still stand on it today. I always knew Barack was an illegal president and he should have never been president to begin with.

He should have been impeached and arrested for forgery and fraud, but too late for that now. He already served his full 8 years as president. He can still be arrested for that, though. Congress still can investigate him. Obama isn’t above the law. He isn’t god. He should be punished for all of his illegal actions. The man is a fraud and a criminal.



Barack’s real birth certificate gets more attention in conservative community again, thanks to Malik Obama (Barack’s half-brother)…

Malik Obama who is Barack’s half-brother posted that tweet yesterday and Obama’s birth certificate got attention in the conservative community once again. Sheriff Joe Arpao already did a press conference proving the birth certificate on the White House website was forgery so the real birth certificate had to be out there somewhere.

While Malik thinks he exclusively exposed the real Obama b.c., he didn’t. The Obama b.c. has already been exposed several years ago ( see video below):

It’s just that when the above video was first released, it got ignored by the media totally which is why it didn’t get that much attention. Barack’s real birth certificate didn’t get much attention until Malik posted it on twitter.

Ever since Trump admitted that Obama’s birth certificate was real, conservatives stayed silent about the b.c. issue since then and now controversy has blown up over again.

Maybe Malik already knew that the real b.c. has been exposed already, he just wanted to give it more attention which he did a good job of. There are some media outlets attacking him for it too, including some conservative media.

I believe the above b.c. looks like the real deal. Looks authentic enough to me. It’s been proven over and over again that Obama was born in Kenya but nobody cared. Obama shouldn’t have been president from the very beginning but it’s too late now. Obama already served his 8 years of presidency. Sucks.

I don’t know why it’s so difficult to take Obama down when it shouldn’t be. It’s like, he’s not the king of the world or anything. Obama is just a man like the rest of us. Hopefully soon, President Trump will be the one to take down Obama finally over the wiretapping and the Wikileaks “Vault 7” dumps.

Hillary is not the only one that needs to be locked up. Lock up Obama too.


Just watched the Sheriff Joe Arpaio press conference on the Obama birth certificate, it’s good enough to prove it’s fraudulent…

I just watched the live Sheriff Joe Arpaio press conference on the Obama birth certificate live on the internet. So let me get this straight, Obama served his full 8 years of his presidency and they let him get away with a fake birth certificate? The press conference today about it is good enough to prove it’s fake.

Here’s the Obama long form birth certificate from the White House website:

Click to access birth-certificate-long-form.pdf

The press conference proved that a lot of the info on the Obama birth certificate was copied and pasted from another birth certificate which could be easily done by photoshop. The other birth certificate that Obama copied from was another Hawaiian woman named, Johanna Ah’nee.

The date stamp is key to proving it’s fraudulent. If you notice the date stamps, the angles and the heights are kind of different. Watch the video above to see how. The video above from today’s press conference.

On this blog, I’ve been trying to teach you guys how the birth certificate is fake for a long while but all you guys did was laugh at me and called me names. The media will probably ignore this but if they were to start reporting it, the mainstream media would call it “fake news”.

I think Mr. Trump is making a huge mistake backing off the birth certificate which he never should have. That’s pretty much the only thing that Mr. Trump disappointed me on. Obama’s birth certificate should be taken very seriously ’cause he’s an illegal president and it should concern the American people. Obama could also be an illegal alien himself which wouldn’t surprise me if he is. Whether he is an American citizen or an illegal alien himself, either way… he wasn’t born here at all. Was Obama born in Kenya… maybe Indonesia? If this Congress under Obama won’t have hearings about the birth certificate, hopefully Trump will do something about it when he gets in office. Lock Obama up, that fraud.

A lot of people let Obama get away with it… not just the media… Congress let him get away with it too, even Republicans. Why? Because they’re cowards that’s why. Too scared to take down Obama ’cause they’re afraid the race card might get played.

Not only Hillary needs to be locked up. Obama needs to be locked up too. Yep this is good enough to prove that Obama’s b.c. is fake. I knew it all along and I still stand by it. There’s still time to have Congress investigate Obama’s birth certificate so hopefully Congress does something this time. We got ’til Jan. 20th. Even if Obama will be out of office soon, he should still be investigated. Hopefully Trump will do something when he gets sworn in.

There are still too many people who believe that Obama was born here (even if they don’t like him at all) so hopefully this will be good enough to wake people up more.


The Obama birth certificate is a pretty serious issue that shouldn’t be given up on…

I may be a big fan of Trump and all but that doesn’t mean I’ll agree with everything he says or does. If he’s really giving up on the Obama birther thing and moving on from it then that’s a real shame.

So Trump is believing that Obama was born in the US just because Obama himself released it? Bullshit. That still doesn’t prove anything.

Everybody wants to say this Obama birth certificate isn’t a real issue and should focus on more important matters but to be honest, the Obama birth certificate is a serious matter. Seeking out the real truth of Obama’s birthplace shouldn’t be given up on. Here’s why…

  1. The Constitution – This is the most important thing. If a foreign person becomes president and gets away with it for 8 years, that would make the constitution look bad. It’ll make it look like the Constitution doesn’t matter.
  2. The American People – The truth should matter to the American people. There’s a pretty good reason why a foreign person can’t be president of the United States. Mainly it’s because it’s a safety and trust issue for the most part. We can’t always trust a foreign person being a US president.

I wouldn’t have given up on the truth. It should be continued to be looked into and continue to be investigated. Don’t let Obama think he can get away with something like this. Yes, lying about your birthplace is a big deal and it’s a crime. Fraud and forgery.

Obama wasn’t alone on hiding his actual birthplace. He had lots of help to keep his info hidden like his mother Ann Dunham for starters. The country of Kenya helped hide his info. The state of Hawaii also helped like his doctors and all that stuff. Obama spent loads of money trying to keep his personal info secret. He has also killed a lot of people who knew too much.

This shouldn’t be given up on. It ain’t over until it’s over as I believe the birth certificate is still being investigated.

So Obama releasing the birth certificate doesn’t mean it’s over. It isn’t over until it’s over. The truth will get found out somehow.

I have always believed that Obama wasn’t US born and still stick to that opinion right now. I don’t change. I stick to my guns.  I don’t care what anyone says or thinks.


Sasha Obama looks almost exactly like Jesse Jackson Jr. Is Sasha actually Jesse Jr’s daughter?

It’s no secret that Barack Obama is very close with Jesse Jackson Sr. Jesse Sr. was the one who helped arranged the marriage of Barack and Michelle with Rev. Jeremiah Wright. In order to hide Barack’s homosexuality, they must adopt kids. So Barack and Michelle must of adopted Sasha from Jesse Jackson Jr. with the recommendation of Jesse Sr. Now I finally have a good idea where the young daughter, Sasha came from… now we should figure out where Malia came from and no she didn’t come from Michelle at all since Michelle is not even a woman.


You can’t deny that Sasha and Jesse Jr. look almost alike. You’re probably gonna deny that you can’t see the resemblance and lie about they look nothing like each other but gotta admit they do.

There are no photos of a pregnant Michelle. No birth records of the two Obama girls either when there should be.

The Obamas are obviously not a real family. If you think they are, you’re delusional. You have to ask yourself… why do they look angry all the time each time you see them together? Why are Barack and Michelle always apart most of the time throughout Barack’s presidency? This family spent too much time apart and don’t give me this “being a president is a hard job” excuse ’cause it’s bullshit. If Obama went on all of these golf trips and fundraisers, then he should have plenty of time to spend with Michelle and the two girls but instead he goes out there and does what he wants to do. Barack goes out there doing all the fun stuff while the family is stuck in the White House. That’s why they went on this 2 week vacation to Martha’s Vineyard ’cause Barack felt they needed to get out of the White House for a while since Barack spent most of his presidency golfing.

Barack can hide information about his private and personal life as much as he wants but sooner or later, the American people will find out everything.

Give it time, Barack. America will one day expose you and we will reveal everything about you soon enough… it’s coming for ya, Barack.


Donald Trump responds to reports about him dodging questions about Obama being a Kenyan Muslim…

When the Donald dodged questions to one of his supporters about Obama being a Kenyan Muslim, the media went on full attack mode. They expected Donald Trump to correct the supporter that Obama isn’t born in Kenya and that Obama isn’t a Muslim but the Donald refused to do both. So therefor, the media is accusing Donald Trump of insulting Islam by refusing to correct the supporter.

Donald Trump took to twitter and brilliantly destroys the media and liberals in one simple tweet above.


Which is pretty amazing in my eyes. The Donald continues to impress me more and more!

Trump doesn’t have to defend Obama if he doesn’t want to. Obama doesn’t deserve to be defended or to be corrected. The Donald does what he wants and he doesn’t cave into the media at all.

Have you ever come to think that the reason Trump didn’t care to answer the supporters question is that maybe Trump also thinks Obama is a Kenyan and a Muslim? Ever thought about that… hmmmm??? Trump is not falling for this politically correct bullshit at all. He’s just being himself and has every right to be.


Did Donald Trump dodge question about Obama being a Muslim???

The mainstream media is on full on attack mode on Donald Trump for refusing to answer a question about Barack Obama being a Muslim. Then the media tries to make the Trump supporter look bad by trying to make it look like that the Trump supporter was wrong about Obama being a Muslim.


For one, the Trump supporter isn’t wrong about Obama being a Muslim because he is right. There’s tons of evidence out there and before the 2008 elections,  Obama openly confessed that he is Muslim… many times but people still wanna deny that he is Muslim.

I have notice that Trump has been staying away from the birther stuff a lot but he hasn’t ignored the birth certificate at all. Trump had Sheriff Arpaio at one of his rally’s earlier this year and the Sheriff says that Obama’s birth certificate is under investigation so that means Trump is still looking into Obama’s birth certificate.

This is just the mainstream media’s desperate attempt on trying to destroy Trump. Destroy Trump ’cause the media is in bed with Jeb Bush.

The media is accusing Trump of insulting Muslims by not answering the supporter’s question. If so, GOOD. Muslims deserve to get insulted. Muslims are sick and evil people. They are okay with killing people, raping non-Muslim women, molesting children, having sex with goats, they hate eating bacon, etc. Who cares if Muslims get insulted. They aren’t peaceful as the media tries to make ’em out to be.


Kenya knows Obama was born there, they are protecting him too…

Check this out:

Click to access kenyanparliamentNov5.pdf

Scroll down to page 3275 in this document from the Kenyan Parliament. This is a 100% real document. It was during Kenya’s National Assembly debates around Barack’s 2008 elections. It was taken from the Parliament website but was removed I believe but other sites on the internet grabbed it before it was taken down it looks like.


“Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, the President-elect, Mr. Obama, is a son of the soil of this country. Every other country in this continent is celebrating the Obama win. It is only proper and fitting that the country which he originates from should show the same excitement, pomp and colour. I, therefore, seek leave of the House that we adjourn to discuss the issue.”

Even Kenya knows that making a Kenyan man President of the United States is treasonous:

“President-elect has not been sworn-in yet. The election of President-elect Obama is of utmost national importance to the United States of America. Ms. Odhiambo, you are a lawyer. You had better be very careful where you transgress between watching your own sovereignty and what can be interpreted in some quarters as some form of treason. We appreciate and respect him. We are happy and we were looking forward to his election. It is not a matter of urgent definite national importance to Kenya. In any case, whereas the ruling from the Chair would not have been any different, you are supposed to approach the Chair at least two hours in advance and give a notice of that information. Nonetheless, let us hold our horses. Let the excitement not make us look like American citizens. We are citizens of the sovereign Republic of Kenya.”

And this document from the 2010 National Assembly:

Click to access BornInKenyaPDF.pdf

Scroll down to page 31 and you would see this paragraph:

“The other thing that we are addressing through devolution is exclusion. What has made us suffer as a nation is exclusion. Once people feel excluded, even when you want to employ a policeman or constable or you want to build a dispensary, it must come from the centre. In the colonial days, these things were being done on the ground and they could give bursaries and build roads. I commend devolution. Those who fear devolution are living in the past. They are being guided by their ethnic consideration and objectives. They are living in the past. If America was living in a situation where they feared ethnicity and did not see itself as a multiparty state or nation, how could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the President of America? It is because they did away with exclusion. What has killed us here is exclusion; that once Mr. Orengo is President, I know of no other place than Ugenya. That is why we were fighting against these many Presidencies in the past. I hope that Kenya will come of age. This country must come of age. People want freedom and nations want liberation, but countries want independence.”

Like I said, these are 100% real documents and they even said Obama was “born on this soil”, they were referring to Kenya not the United States. They wanted to illegally make Obama, President of the US and our government were willing to work with Kenya on that. So in reality both the US government and the Kenyan government committed treason and fraud over this. Kenya knows that it’s against the Constitution for people outside of the US to become president of the US… apparently Kenya doesn’t care about the Constitution or the law either. The American news media helped protect Obama’s eligibility as well.

See? There’s all kinds of proof out there that Obama was born in Kenya. It’s just that America didn’t care. People were desperate for a “first” black president and that’s why both the US & Kenya protected him over this.

Once again, if you believe Obama’s birth certificate is authentic and real… you are a dumbass and naive.


Obama was warned not to bring “gay rights” to Kenya but did anyway, pisses off President Kenyatta for doing so…

Kenyan officials have warned Obama weeks before he arrived in Kenya not to bring his “gay rights” crap to Kenya but sure enough, Obama ignores them completely and brought it up here. President Kenyatta responds and says to Obama’s face that Kenya doesn’t accept homosexuality and says it’s a “non-issue”.

I had a feeling that Obama was gonna ignore the officials warning about “gay rights”.

My question is why don’t Obama try to fight for “gay rights” in Iran? I triple dare him. Iran discriminates gays worse than Kenya does. Kenya puts gay people in prison for many years… Iran hangs gay people and throw them off of buildings. Why don’t Obama travel to Iran and see how Hassan Rouhani would respond?


Video: Obama believes in Kenya more than the United States… no surprise there…

Here’s one of Obama’s Kenyan speeches. He did two speeches there. Obama seems to have more heart and is more patriotic to Kenya than the U.S.A. Obama looks very happy to be in Kenya.

Notice how Obama always seems to have negative feelings toward the USA but in Kenya he has positive feelings? Is it the reason he wants to destroy America from within is so he can improve Kenya and make it a better country? That’s what it’s looking like to me. Give it time, Obama will start sending Kenyan people over to the US so they can illegally live in our country and live better lives than us.

When will Obama ever be exposed for his fraudulent birth certificate? Come on Sheriff Joe, what are ya waiting for?