Did Donald Trump dodge question about Obama being a Muslim???

The mainstream media is on full on attack mode on Donald Trump for refusing to answer a question about Barack Obama being a Muslim. Then the media tries to make the Trump supporter look bad by trying to make it look like that the Trump supporter was wrong about Obama being a Muslim.


For one, the Trump supporter isn’t wrong about Obama being a Muslim because he is right. There’s tons of evidence out there and before the 2008 elections,  Obama openly confessed that he is Muslim… many times but people still wanna deny that he is Muslim.

I have notice that Trump has been staying away from the birther stuff a lot but he hasn’t ignored the birth certificate at all. Trump had Sheriff Arpaio at one of his rally’s earlier this year and the Sheriff says that Obama’s birth certificate is under investigation so that means Trump is still looking into Obama’s birth certificate.

This is just the mainstream media’s desperate attempt on trying to destroy Trump. Destroy Trump ’cause the media is in bed with Jeb Bush.

The media is accusing Trump of insulting Muslims by not answering the supporter’s question. If so, GOOD. Muslims deserve to get insulted. Muslims are sick and evil people. They are okay with killing people, raping non-Muslim women, molesting children, having sex with goats, they hate eating bacon, etc. Who cares if Muslims get insulted. They aren’t peaceful as the media tries to make ’em out to be.


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