Donald Trump responds to reports about him dodging questions about Obama being a Kenyan Muslim…

When the Donald dodged questions to one of his supporters about Obama being a Kenyan Muslim, the media went on full attack mode. They expected Donald Trump to correct the supporter that Obama isn’t born in Kenya and that Obama isn’t a Muslim but the Donald refused to do both. So therefor, the media is accusing Donald Trump of insulting Islam by refusing to correct the supporter.

Donald Trump took to twitter and brilliantly destroys the media and liberals in one simple tweet above.

Which is pretty amazing in my eyes. The Donald continues to impress me more and more!

Trump doesn’t have to defend Obama if he doesn’t want to. Obama doesn’t deserve to be defended or to be corrected. The Donald does what he wants and he doesn’t cave into the media at all.

Have you ever come to think that the reason Trump didn’t care to answer the supporters question is that maybe Trump also thinks Obama is a Kenyan and a Muslim? Ever thought about that… hmmmm??? Trump is not falling for this politically correct bullshit at all. He’s just being himself and has every right to be.


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