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Obama just arrived in Kenya, vows to talk gay rights and discrimination during speech there…

Lets see how those Kenyans react when he starts bringing up “gay rights” at his speech in Kenya. Will they boo and throw things at him? I’m not sure when Obama is scheduled for his speech there but it should be sometime today. I’m sure his speech there is gonna be videotaped and whenever it lands on youtube, I’ll post it asap.


It’s no surprise that Obama is gonna ignore Kenya’s request not to bring his gay rights movement there but he is anyway.


Kenya treating Obama like he’s god… seriously???

A lot of Kenyan people worshipping Obama like he’s god. They’re excited for his “homecoming” for sure. Kenyan news media uses the word “homecoming” but the USA media doesn’t. Kind of strange isn’t it?

The photo above is Obama boarding Air Force One to make his way to Africa.

Kenya spent billions of dollars cleaning their country up and then they put Nairobi on lockdown. They really worship him this much, huh?

I think everybody in Kenya knows he was born there ’cause if he wasn’t, they wouldn’t be using the word “homecoming” when talking about his visit there. Those Kenyans desperately wanted their Obama president of the USA and got it. Don’t Kenyans know that people from other countries can’t become president? I think it’s either Kenyans don’t understand the US Constitution or they just don’t care. Make no mistake about it, those Kenyans KNOW he WAS born there. If you search Kenya in youtube, you can see a lot of Kenyan people doing interviews saying they can’t wait for Obama to come back “home”.

It’s interesting to see how Kenya is willing to say that Obama was from there but the USA refuses to admit it. Real sad too. Anybody who actually believes Obama was born in Hawaii is real dumb, naive and uneducated.


Why Americans have every right to be concerned about Obama’s birth certificate…

Even though the mainstream media has been silent on Obama’s birth certificate for the past couple of years now, the debate on whether or not his b.c. is real or not still goes on to this day. Why? It’s simply because the b.c. defenders has never proved whether it was real or not. Not even this “smrstrauss” or Paul Strauss can even prove it’s authentic. “smrstrauss” some Obamabot that goes around the internet defending Obama’s b.c. Trying it’s best to silence all the doubters.

Anyway, Americans have every right to be concerned for Obama’s b.c. Why? For a couple of reasons: 1. We don’t want an illegal alien as president ’cause he isn’t to be trusted. 2. We are just very protective of our country and care for the safety of others. 3. We take the law and the Constitution very seriously.

I mean if Obama’s b.c. is really real, why hasn’t anyone proved it yet? Many others think they have proved it but they haven’t. This “smrstrauss” loser never proved it even though he always thinks he did. Even Obama himself didn’t prove it. Yes, Obama’s health officials and doctors may have said that Obama’s bc. is authentic but even that doesn’t prove it. Think how Obama could pay people lots of money to keep it quiet?

Obama may have showed the birth certificate a couple of times but he just showed it on the TV screen. How come he never showed us the actual physical birth certificate? I’m talking about the actual paper, not on a video screen. Every human being should have a physical birth certificate in their home and anybody can take it and show it to someone else. A birth certificate are printed on security paper. There is no law where you got to keep your physical birth certificate hidden. Anyone of us can take our birth certificate and show it. How come Obama never did that? He could have brought the actual birth certificate that was printed on security paper and hold it up in the air for everyone to see and say, “Here it is” but Obama never did that. He just showed it on video screen and then he posted the .pdf on the White House website. That’s why everyone was quick to point out that the b.c. was computer generated and created. Ya know, anybody can take a fake document or a birth certificate and post it online. That’s what Obama did. He never showed us the actual physical birth certificate. That’s the thing, ya know?

Where is Obama’s actual physical birth certificate? Obama probably has it sealed and hidden in the White House, I wouldn’t be surprised. Maybe locked up in a safe on the wall behind a very expensive painting. When you see Obama’s actual birth certificate, you would not see that he was born in Hawaii on it. Obama showing the fake version on TV and the White House website doesn’t prove anything, I’m sorry. ANYBODY can do that. Plus, Obama could spend millions to keep people quiet and have people protect him. He’ll even kill people to keep that stuff hidden like he did to Loretta Fuddy and one of his grandmothers.

We can’t have an illegal immigrant as president. We can’t have it. Obama may as well serve his 8 full year term and get away with it. So hopefully Sheriff Joe Arpaio will soon expose Obama’s birth before Obama’s term is up. Like I said before, it is amazing to me how many let Obama get away with this. Obama’s eligibility as president debate isn’t gonna go away until the truth is out. It may take a long time to investigate Obama’s birth certificate but it will be exposed someday. Hopefully Sheriff Joe will give us the truth soon.

I don’t care what anyone says… I’m sticking to my guns. Obama’s a fraud and it will get exposed hopefully soon.


Will the truth of Obama’s birthplace come out when he visits Kenya in July? Hopefully but I doubt it, though!

Obama is committed to visiting Kenya for the first time as president in July. I think the reason he avoided Kenya over the years as president is so he can avoid the truth coming out that he was born there. That’s probably why he never visited Kenya ever since he got elected in office in 2008 ’cause I’m sure he was a little nervous that the truth might come out. I’m sure he knows that visiting Kenya would be pretty risky for him. That’s probably why Obama doesn’t plan on staying there for long. He’s probably gonna stay in Kenya for a day or two then he’ll take right off. He’s just going there to deliver a speech for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. I don’t think he has any plans in visiting family members and friends that he probably has there.

When he does visit Kenya in July, be on the lookout for those Kenyan people chanting, “Welcome home, Mr. President” and all that stuff. That’s what they did to Obama when he visited Kenya in 2006 when he was Senator at the time (see video below).

When Obama steps off of Air Force One in Kenya in July, you can very well believe there will be a big crowd of Kenyans waiting for him there. Once again, watch out for, “Welcome Home” signs and chants. They will sing songs welcoming him back home too.

Trust me, all the Kenyans know he was born there. There’s tons of videos in youtube proving that. Go to youtube and type in Kenya and Obama in the search, you would see tons of interviews of Kenyan people talking about Obama’s home country of Kenya. I bet they’re real excited about Obama visiting there again.

Would Obama cancel the trip before July ’cause simply put, he would be worried that talk of his “birth certificate” would start up again? In my opinion, I think that’s the only reason he’s going there to incite more talk about his “birth certificate” so I don’t think he’ll cancel the trip. I think he’s doing this to piss off those “birthers”. During his speech there, he’s probably gonna continue to claim that he’s American born.

I don’t think the truth of his birthplace will come out but ya never know, though. Maybe somebody in Kenya, someone will blow the whistle on him and will talk? We’ll have to wait and see.


How come Obama doesn’t honor his Mom on Mother’s Day???

Past presidents have honored their Moms publicly but why doesn’t Barack? In Barack’s video above, he did mention his mother once by saying, “If it wasn’t for my Mom, I wouldn’t be here”… which is kind of a tribute in a way but no mention of Ann Dunham’s name. On Barack’s facebook page, he never posted a photo of Ann Dunham but instead posted a photo of him and Michelle. All this is gonna do is start a little more confusion with the public about his past. People are already wondering why no photo of his biological Mom. Again, past presidents have done it but not Barack.

Who knows… Ann Dunham may not even be his real birth mother ’cause there’s no hard evidence and no proof of that at all. Make no mistake about it, Barack’s short form/long form doesn’t even prove that. There is not even one photo on the internet when Ann Dunham was pregnant with Barack, do a google search and tell me if you find something.

Obama refuses to post pics of his actual birth mother ’cause he knows that people would start questioning about his “eligibility” as president if he did.

So in order for Obama to celebrate Mother’s Day as a sitting president… he does it in other ways like celebrate with Michelle and other Moms instead of his own Mom. It’s funny how he celebrates Michelle when Michelle isn’t even a real Mom to begin with. Malia and Sasha were adopted. No proof of their births either.

I’m sure Obama does honor his own Mom but he probably does it privately.

Some of you may ask, why am I all over Barack’s “birther” stuff and why am I all over his birth certificate? Well for one, I’m a huge believer in the U.S. Constitution and take it very seriously. So anything that disrespects the Constitution and doesn’t obey it, I’ll bring it up and call on it. Barack Obama isn’t an American and he’s an illegal alien for sure. He’s not eligible for president at all but America didn’t care and let him get elected anyways.


Barry Soetoro (Obama) was “Foreign Student” at Columbia University…

Well, the more Obama wants to tell us about his years in school long ago, the more people will want to question about his past.

1. Obama always saw himself as a foreign student… Mia Marie Pope says so.

2. Obama actually never attended Columbia University… Wayne Allyn Root says so.

Wake up, America. Stop believing everything this piece of shit president puts out there!


Barack Obama was in Indonesia in 1971…

Once again with this questionable photo…

Yeah, that black kid in that photo is indeed Barack Obama but if you read Obama’s story that he wrote here:

View at Medium.com

Obama said: “When I entered Ms. Hefty’s fifth-grade class at Punahou School in the fall of 1971, I was just a kid with a funny name in a new school, feeling a little out of place, hoping to fit in like anyone else”

I’m sure by now, liberals and Obama supporters are gonna declare victorious against the birthers just by that photo alone. They will mistakenly believe that photo will silence the “birthers”. Nope. Not yet… there is still a slight problem…

Obama was in Indonesia that year. He spent most of his childhood living in Indonesia from 1967 until 1971. He didn’t mention anywhere in his write up that he just moved to Hawaii from Indonesia in 1971. Maybe that’s why a lot of people believe that photo will silence “birthers” which won’t.

We still don’t know where Obama was really born. It was claimed that Obama was born in Kapiʻolani Medical Center for Women and Children in Hawaii but there’s no proof of that. Now don’t give me this crap that Obama’s birth certificate is authentic ’cause anyone with a half brain would know that it isn’t. Where are the photos of a pregnant Ann Dunham? Barack and his Mom moved to Indonesia in 1967 so Barack can reunite with his stepfather.

Ya know, it doesn’t make any sense to me that Obama would be born in Hawaii and then they would move all the way to Indonesia ’cause the travelling is way too far. That would be like a 14 hour flight. I don’t think a mother would want to take her 6 year old child on a flight that long? Do you think she’d be that fucking stupid? HA! Travelling from Hawaii all the way to Indonesia would feel like travelling around the fucking world, ya know? Come on people, use a little common sense here!

However, Kenya is a lot closer to Indonesia and that would make a lot more sense.

It’s funny how people believe that Obama 5th grade photo is gonna silence the birthers. Sorry but Obama being questioned for his “eligibility” as president is not over… not by a long shot. Obama’s 5th grade class photo still doesn’t prove anything but nice try.

Most people forgot or didn’t know that Obama was in Indonesia before he moved to Hawaii. That’s because most liberals and Obama supporters are too lazy to do their research.


Obama’s 5th grade photo… serious question…

As usual Obama is full of mysteries and secrets about his past. The White House facebook posted a photo of Obama in 5th Grade at Punahou School in Hawaii in 1971. In the caption of that photo it says that “President Barack Obama ’79 credited his fifth grade Punahou teacher Mrs. Mabel Hefty”… which kind of confused some and it even confused me a little. People thought the White House was trying to mislead people a little but I read the article and it was claimed that photo was in 1971. That school is definitely in Hawaii ’cause all the kids are barefooted.

It seems that the White House and Obama are doing this as an excuse to silence “birthers” for good but it’s not working….

The question I have to ask is……


That black kid in the photo doesn’t look like Barack if you look a little closely.

Here’s a young Barack in third grade…


Nope. The kid in the 5th grade photo above doesn’t look like Barack at all. Sorry, Barack but you’re still not fooling anyone. Give it up, buddy!


SMRStrauss aka the Obama birth certificate defender…

You’ve probably seen that name, all over the internet. SMRstrauss only appears in comments of blogs, youtube videos, websites, etc. that questions Obama’s eligibility as president. Wherever you see people discussing Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate, chances are you’re gonna see this mysterious SMRStrauss name everywhere.

This guy whoever he really is, got all over me every time I talk about Obama’s birth certificate. He has been getting all over everybody that wants to talk about Barack’s fake birth certificate.

Whenever you see this guy, none of us is buying his bullshit. This smrstrauss clown claims to have proof that his birth certificate is authentic but he doesn’t show me any proof at all. He just shows me “links” from other blogs and liberal news such as the Washington Post and all that garbage. That stuff is not credible.

I’m not sure if this guy is paid by the Obama admin. or not but it’s pretty possible, ya never know

I google the smrstrauss name and came up with this interesting link exposing this fraud:


I hear people, though. Americans have every right to question Obama’s birth certificate and this smrstrauss guy is annoying as fuck. I just ignore this clown.

Anyway, I figure I would pass that link above along just so everyone can be aware of this guy. This clown doesn’t prove anything. Who ever he really is, needs to get a new hobby and get a life.