SMRStrauss aka the Obama birth certificate defender…

You’ve probably seen that name, all over the internet. SMRstrauss only appears in comments of blogs, youtube videos, websites, etc. that questions Obama’s eligibility as president. Wherever you see people discussing Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate, chances are you’re gonna see this mysterious SMRStrauss name everywhere.

This guy whoever he really is, got all over me every time I talk about Obama’s birth certificate. He has been getting all over everybody that wants to talk about Barack’s fake birth certificate.

Whenever you see this guy, none of us is buying his bullshit. This smrstrauss clown claims to have proof that his birth certificate is authentic but he doesn’t show me any proof at all. He just shows me “links” from other blogs and liberal news such as the Washington Post and all that garbage. That stuff is not credible.

I’m not sure if this guy is paid by the Obama admin. or not but it’s pretty possible, ya never know

I google the smrstrauss name and came up with this interesting link exposing this fraud:

I hear people, though. Americans have every right to question Obama’s birth certificate and this smrstrauss guy is annoying as fuck. I just ignore this clown.

Anyway, I figure I would pass that link above along just so everyone can be aware of this guy. This clown doesn’t prove anything. Who ever he really is, needs to get a new hobby and get a life.




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