Kenya treating Obama like he’s god… seriously???

A lot of Kenyan people worshipping Obama like he’s god. They’re excited for his “homecoming” for sure. Kenyan news media uses the word “homecoming” but the USA media doesn’t. Kind of strange isn’t it?

The photo above is Obama boarding Air Force One to make his way to Africa.

Kenya spent billions of dollars cleaning their country up and then they put Nairobi on lockdown. They really worship him this much, huh?

I think everybody in Kenya knows he was born there ’cause if he wasn’t, they wouldn’t be using the word “homecoming” when talking about his visit there. Those Kenyans desperately wanted their Obama president of the USA and got it. Don’t Kenyans know that people from other countries can’t become president? I think it’s either Kenyans don’t understand the US Constitution or they just don’t care. Make no mistake about it, those Kenyans KNOW he WAS born there. If you search Kenya in youtube, you can see a lot of Kenyan people doing interviews saying they can’t wait for Obama to come back “home”.

It’s interesting to see how Kenya is willing to say that Obama was from there but the USA refuses to admit it. Real sad too. Anybody who actually believes Obama was born in Hawaii is real dumb, naive and uneducated.


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