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Here’s a little flashback for ya, Obama’s 2006 Kenya visit…

Here’s Obama’s last Kenya visit back in 2006 before the 2008 election. At 1:11 a couple of Kenyans hold up a sign that clearly said, “Welcome Home Senator Obama”. At about 2:46 Obama is caught speaking in Kenyan language.

Look at all of those Kenyan people. Celebrating their home country hero, Barack Obama like he’s their freakin’ King.

If you watch the 2nd video you can hear a speech with Obama saying that he wants to make Kenya a better country with a better economy and better government and all that stuff. Is that why Obama elected himself president just so he can destroy America and make Kenya a better country than us? That’s what it’s looking like to me!

If you watch the third video below, at about 0:46, if you pause it at that time, the camera points to a picture frame of a young Barack (he looks to be in his teenage years in that photo) helping his grandmother carrying something.

In the third video that school they are talking is this school here:


Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School, they clearly named that school after Senator Obama… around the time when Barack was Senator.

Man, if these aren’t good enough clues that Barack Obama is from Kenya then I don’t know what else to say.

Just wait until Barack’s next trip to Kenya in July. Those Kenyans will “welcome him back home” and treat him like a King again. I actually hope he makes his Kenyan trip in July ’cause I wanna see how the Kenya people will react to him now that he’s president.


It’s interesting how liberals are interested in Ted Cruz’s personal background but not Obama’s…

So liberals are trying to get to know Ted Cruz more. They’re desperately trying to get to know more about his family and other personal info. They’re trying to figure out whether or not Ted Cruz is eligible to become president. All that is fine and good but I’m noticing that the left don’t care about Obama’s personal info and background. What about Obama’s controversial and shady past? How come liberals aren’t talking about that?

Not only they aren’t talking about Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate… you don’t see liberals talking about his controversial and shady past at all. Where are discussions about the trouble past of Ann Dunham who is Obama’s mother? What about all the people Obama surrounded himself with as he was growing up such as Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and many others. How come liberals aren’t talking about his fascination with Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx? You don’t see the mainstream media on any of that stuff. This stuff isn’t conspiracy theory, it’s all pretty well-documented.

Yes, the media questioned Obama’s birth certificate but all that stopped when Obama showed his long form birth certificate on TV. The whole birth certificate controversy died after that.

Why is Ted Cruz a huge target in all of this birther stuff and not Obama?

I believe it’s because Ted is a conservative. You know how liberals feel about them evil conservatives and right-wingers. The left would do anything to make them look bad. Nobody gets on Obama on this stuff ’cause of his liberal beliefs and you know liberals get a free pass in everything. There are people getting on Obama’s birth certificate still but it’s mostly “right-wingers”, the left won’t even talk about that stuff.

Research Obama’s past and educate yourself about the man like I did. There are all kinds of books about him, there are movies made about him and google is your friend too. I wished people did the smart thing and research Obama before voting him for both elections but nope. Nobody cared to read about Obama’s shady and communist past. He grew up around communist people.

Liberals would only hate people on the right but they won’t hate anybody on the left at all and it’s pretty disgusting, in my opinion. All liberal politicians are heroes to them. Us “right-wingers” aren’t like that at all. We know who is good and who is bad. Us conservatives don’t side with everyone on the right. It’s about honesty and being realistic. The left don’t know what honesty is. There has been former left-wingers who left the liberal party and switched to the right and I’m noticing that is happening more and more lately ’cause why? People are starting to wake up on how shitty the liberal party is. You should do the same. Educate yourself on conservatism and you would see that it’s not all that bad.

I should have a video rant on this soon.


Thoughts about retired teacher going off on Rick Santorum…

Well, this video has gone viral on the internet and I thought I would give my thoughts on it.

A retired teacher decides to go off on a Obama rant toward Rick Santorum as he gives a speech. Of course, liberal media and the liberal community are trying to paint this lady as “insane” and calling her a “conspiracy” theorist. When you want to call out Obama, I guess that’s what you are, “insane” and a “conspiracy theorist”. I’ve been called that stuff myself many times and have been called much worse. People are calling this lady “delusional’ and all kinds of names.

Ya know, I think this lady is just like the rest of us. She’s just a patriot concerned for our country which is being run by Obama. She’s been saying the same things that all of us conservatives have been saying about him for years now. She called Obama a communist dictator. A lot of us including myself have been saying that about him for a long time. He’s not a citizen, we’ve been saying that for years too.

She is questioning Rick Santorum since he is a member of the GOP and she’s just wondering why the GOP have not done anything to Obama and have done nothing to get him held accountable. That is also something we’ve been saying for years. Of course, Rick Santorum refuses to respond to this lady by saying he’s  no longer a sitting Senator. Just proves even more that the GOP is pretty weak when it comes to Obama.

When people call out Obama, bash him, criticize him… it’s not bigotry and hatred at all, in my opinion. It’s patriotism. Just scared people living in our homeland with Barack Obama as president. People are scared of the guy. Of course when people call him out, yep, liberal backlash. “Anti-Obama” people are racists and conspiracy theorists only for telling the truth.

This lady may have been brutal on Obama but you have to be brutal in order to get your voice heard.

Calling out Obama’s criminal acts and his goal in destroying America is not conspiracy theory at all. All this stuff is well-documented that the American people have chosen to ignore.

People are not being delusional when calling out Obama’s imperial presidency, they’re just being realistic and talking truth. What’s being delusional is when people refusing to believe what Obama really is… a communist dictator and criminal.

To me this lady is alright, nothing wrong with her in my book and if I was at a politician’s speech, I would have done the same thing. Go off on a rant about Obama, I wouldn’t have cared if I got arrested for it.


Obama said something at National Prayer Breakfast that we all didn’t catch, even I didn’t catch it…

Check out the video below when Obama was going off about the Crusades at the National Prayer Breakfast. He said something in his speech that we all didn’t catch and even I didn’t catch it when I was watching his speech. During the part when he was talking about the Crusades, he brought up, “In our home country”. When he said “In our home country”, I’m very positive he wasn’t referring to the USA.


“Humanity has been grappling with these questions throughout human history. And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ. Michelle and I returned from India — an incredible, beautiful country, full of magnificent diversity — but a place where, in past years, religious faiths of all types have, on occasion, been targeted by other peoples of faith, simply due to their heritage and their beliefs — acts of intolerance that would have shocked Gandhiji, the person who helped to liberate that nation.”

Wow!!!!! 🙂

He’s so good at publicly admitting that he’s from Kenya without mentioning the country’s name and nobody picks up on it. Even Michelle admitted that he’s from there a couple of times.

Deal with it, America. You have to learn the truth that Obama is a fraud and not eligible to be president. We just elected a foreigner which is against the Constitution. Good job.


Thank you, Larry Klayman!!!! Former DOJ and lawyer claims he has hard evidence to deport Obama..

Former DOJ and lawyer, Larry Klayman just filed a deportation petition of Barack Obama claiming that he has hard evidence to prove that the birth certificate is forgery.


I know a lot of people will call this guy a right-wing conspiracy theory nut but if this guy is successful at proving the birth certificate is fake, it won’t be conspiracy theory anymore.

Trust me, there’s a lot of people that knows that Obama is nothing but a fraud. Larry Klayman isn’t alone on trying to prove Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate. You should look up Sheriff Arpaio. Both of these guys claim they have proof of it.

To be honest, I don’t really care where Obama was born. This is not about where he was born so I find it kind of unfair to call us, “birthers” which in my opinion, is the wrong word to use. All we’re basically doing is trying to prove that he is nothing but a fraud, that’s Obama.

I agree… deportation sounds like a better plan. Send his ass back to Africa where he belongs. It is possible to pay people millions to keep your stuff hidden. No matter how hard you try to keep your stuff hidden, people will always find out. You can’t lie forever!

I hope Larry Klayman will be successful at deporting Obama ’cause if it happens that would be history making! It would be the greatest day ever!


Another hint that Obama WAS born in Kenya…

Check this out…

The BNA in the UK have discovered some archived files where they found that an unnamed son of Barack Obama Sr. who was born in Kenya in 1961. It does show the birthdate of the “unnamed” son which is Aug. 4th, 1961 (Obama’s birthday). It doesn’t show Obama Jr.’s name, though so that is not really official proof… but it’s a hint that the “unnamed” son could be Obama Jr., though. 

Damn…. Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham hid his info VERY WELL. 

Report: British National Archives show a son was born to Obama Sr. in 1961 in Kenya


Interesting new revelation about Loretta Fuddy death, she was paid to authenticate Obama birth certificate???

A man by the name of Doug Vogt claims he has found some proof that Loretta Fuddy was paid by the Obama administration to get her to publicly confirm President Obama’s birth certificate. Vogt suggested that the reason she was mysteriously killed in that plane crash ’cause it was the Obama administration’s way of covering up their involvement of paying her.


If what Vogt claims turns out to be true, I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve been saying on this blog for a long time now that Obama have been paying people to cover his birthplace.

Not only the Benghazi attack needs answers, I think the Loretta Fuddy death needs answers too.


How you can tell that Obama’s long form/short form birth certificates are indeed forgery…

I know you guys don’t wanna read this post and it’s going to anger some out there but I don’t give a flyin’ two fucks. The truth needs to be said. You know, people wouldn’t accuse Obama’s long form/short form birth certificates being forgery for no reason. It is so easy to tell that these two birth certificates were indeed, “forgery”. The Obama Administration is not fooling anybody.

I’m sure you guys seen how birth certificates are done. They are usually done by professionals but who ever did these two birth certificates… man… they looked like they were done by amateurs. If you seen other people’s birth certificates you would see that the word is done professionally so it can look perfect and neat but Barack’s certificates just look horrible. They looked like they were done by a fuckin’ 2nd grader. I was just looking at how these two birth certificates could be forgery and it’s all just crazy. They just did a horrible job trying to make it look authentic.

Allow me to explain step by step on how they can be forgery… Enjoy the read, all… this is good stuff…

First of all, check out the long form and short form birth certificate taken from the White House websites so they are the official B.C.’s that Obama himself released.

Secondly, here’s the step by step…

  1. Certain letters are blurred for whatever strange reason (usually lettering are never blurred on B.C.’s)
  2. A lot of words look mysteriously pasted and inked
  3. If you look closely in the “long form” birth certificate, you can see tiny blurred letters in the background which makes it look like someone was trying to erase something w/ white-out or whatever.
  4. Some of the words don’t look professional enough especially, “Kenya, East Africa” under Barack Obama Sr., which the word Kenya is pretty close to the line.
  5. Under Stanley Ann Dunham in long-form, look at the “Wichita, Kansas”. Notice how the letter K is partly blurred and a little higher than the, “-ansas”. You don’t see that much on other birth certificates do ya?
  6. The three signatures on the bottom of long-form have different changes of resolution, look closely.
  7. In the above of the long form b.c., look at the words, “This birth…” notice how the X is not inside the box exactly. There are also blurred X’s above the “twin” and “triplets”. Is there a chance that Barack has twins and triplets out there somewhere?
  8. Look at “Date Accepted by Local Reg.”… the date is marked, “Aug – 8, 1961”. Notice how Aug. 8th “196” is blurred and the number 1 is in bold font? Trying to change the actual date?
  9. In no. 22 look at “Date Accepted by Reg. General.”. Again more blurred letters and numbers mixed with bold.
  10. Look at No. 17b “Date last worked”, you can see a blurred letter O. Somebody tried to erase something but didn’t erase all the way?
  11. No stamp of approval in the background of either long form/short form. On ALL birth certificates there needs to be a stamp in the background showing verification. I don’t see that on either form. Do you?
  12. Look at Alvin D. Ohama Ph.D signature on long form. Notice the strange blur on the signature? Look at the certifying message above the doctor’s signature, “Abstract of the record on file” is bold, rest is blurry.
  13. Date next to doctor’s signature below, “April 25th, 2011”. The “April 25th”  looks like it was stamped by an old rubber and ink pad but the year 2011 looked like it was printed by a computer.
  14. On the short form certificate, notice how the background is all white… that is an obvious photocopy.

I’m sure there’s tons more but those are some that I discovered.

I think this is clear enough evidence that this is forgery. I know you guys are never gonna admit it, though.


Health director who approved Obama’s birth certificate mysteriously killed in plane crash…

Welp, here we go… the woman who approved Obama’s birth certificate was just mysteriously killed in a plane crash and I’m feeling it was no accident… somebody did this. Who else would be capable of taking down an airplane? Obama has done this many times before. Why would he kill the health director who signed his birth certificate? Probably because she knows that he was really born in Kenya and he didn’t want her revealing this information.

That’s the thing with President Obama… every time someone knows too much about him… the next thing you know, you see a report about that person being killed in the news. It’s happening quite a lot.

Sharyl Attkinson from CBS news better watchout ’cause I’m feeling he’s going after her next… give it time. Lara Logan too.

Read the full story, here.