How you can tell that Obama’s long form/short form birth certificates are indeed forgery…

I know you guys don’t wanna read this post and it’s going to anger some out there but I don’t give a flyin’ two fucks. The truth needs to be said. You know, people wouldn’t accuse Obama’s long form/short form birth certificates being forgery for no reason. It is so easy to tell that these two birth certificates were indeed, “forgery”. The Obama Administration is not fooling anybody.

I’m sure you guys seen how birth certificates are done. They are usually done by professionals but who ever did these two birth certificates… man… they looked like they were done by amateurs. If you seen other people’s birth certificates you would see that the word is done professionally so it can look perfect and neat but Barack’s certificates just look horrible. They looked like they were done by a fuckin’ 2nd grader. I was just looking at how these two birth certificates could be forgery and it’s all just crazy. They just did a horrible job trying to make it look authentic.

Allow me to explain step by step on how they can be forgery… Enjoy the read, all… this is good stuff…

First of all, check out the long form and short form birth certificate taken from the White House websites so they are the official B.C.’s that Obama himself released.

Secondly, here’s the step by step…

  1. Certain letters are blurred for whatever strange reason (usually lettering are never blurred on B.C.’s)
  2. A lot of words look mysteriously pasted and inked
  3. If you look closely in the “long form” birth certificate, you can see tiny blurred letters in the background which makes it look like someone was trying to erase something w/ white-out or whatever.
  4. Some of the words don’t look professional enough especially, “Kenya, East Africa” under Barack Obama Sr., which the word Kenya is pretty close to the line.
  5. Under Stanley Ann Dunham in long-form, look at the “Wichita, Kansas”. Notice how the letter K is partly blurred and a little higher than the, “-ansas”. You don’t see that much on other birth certificates do ya?
  6. The three signatures on the bottom of long-form have different changes of resolution, look closely.
  7. In the above of the long form b.c., look at the words, “This birth…” notice how the X is not inside the box exactly. There are also blurred X’s above the “twin” and “triplets”. Is there a chance that Barack has twins and triplets out there somewhere?
  8. Look at “Date Accepted by Local Reg.”… the date is marked, “Aug – 8, 1961”. Notice how Aug. 8th “196” is blurred and the number 1 is in bold font? Trying to change the actual date?
  9. In no. 22 look at “Date Accepted by Reg. General.”. Again more blurred letters and numbers mixed with bold.
  10. Look at No. 17b “Date last worked”, you can see a blurred letter O. Somebody tried to erase something but didn’t erase all the way?
  11. No stamp of approval in the background of either long form/short form. On ALL birth certificates there needs to be a stamp in the background showing verification. I don’t see that on either form. Do you?
  12. Look at Alvin D. Ohama Ph.D signature on long form. Notice the strange blur on the signature? Look at the certifying message above the doctor’s signature, “Abstract of the record on file” is bold, rest is blurry.
  13. Date next to doctor’s signature below, “April 25th, 2011”. The “April 25th”  looks like it was stamped by an old rubber and ink pad but the year 2011 looked like it was printed by a computer.
  14. On the short form certificate, notice how the background is all white… that is an obvious photocopy.

I’m sure there’s tons more but those are some that I discovered.

I think this is clear enough evidence that this is forgery. I know you guys are never gonna admit it, though.


15 thoughts on “How you can tell that Obama’s long form/short form birth certificates are indeed forgery…”

  1. I love how some think the blurring and bad printing of the letters was due to scanning, and pd’fing. Not true. Both long/short term certificates were released on TV during press conference and that Correspondents Dinner.

    Straight from ABC news they showed the long form B.C… still looks the same from the pdf. Bad lettering, lots of blurs, no stamp of approval in background, etc.


  2. So the man who, according to our theories, is paying millions of dollars in hush money and stealthily taking out adversaries or people who “know too much”, can’t even come up with a convincing enough document forgery to get by the keen forensic eyes of Kev Brock?

  3. Obama has three known birth documents. A short-form Hawaiian birth certificate, a long-form Hawaiian birth certificate and a Kenyan birth certificate. The two Hawaiian documents are definite forgeries. The Kenyan document may be a forgery as well.

    If one prints out a copy of the document, it easily fits on an 8” by 11” sheet of paper.
    The actual Certificate of Live Birth is only about 6” by 5”. An examination of the document reveals, at first glance reveals nothing out the ordinary. It looks like an authentic birth certificate. It says “Certificate of Live Birth” at the top of the document and it appears to be printed on official looking green safety paper. Their are a total of 36 data boxes on the document. The data boxes are numbered (1 to 23); several related data boxes have numbers and letters (for example 17a and 17b). The boxes contain what one expects to see such as the baby’s name, mother’s maiden name (Stanley Ann Dunham), father’s name (Barack Hussein Obama), race of the mother (Caucasian), race of the father (African?) etc.

    Interestingly, the mother signed here name in box 18a, “Stanley Ann Dunham Obama“. The “Stanley” is scribbled above the “Ann” in parentheses as through entered as an after thought.

    There is a scribble in the M.D. box next to Dr. David Sinclair’s signature. The Doctor, signed the certificate in neat elegant script, then for some unknown reason scribble over – not just his box, but the box above it. It’s not just a big black scrawled “X”, there appears to be some lighter color under it, and several stray lines above it. It looks intentional not natural.

    African was not a race identifier in the United States in 1961. The correct entry for that time period was Negro. African would not be permitted in the racial coding criteria of the time. This is the first of many indications the forger(s) was unaware of official language used in 1961.

    As one examines the document more, you see (on the left side) curled distortion down the entire edge of the certificate. It appears it was copied from a bound book and the distortion caused by the binding preventing the page from flattening onto the copier glass. This caused the data box lines, document print and numbers along the edge to distort and curl downward slightly. The lines of type near the curled edge do not seem to follow the curl. The left margin doesn’t line up as would be expected using a typewriter of the period.

    Amusingly, when magnified, the Registrar’s Certification stamp at the bottom right portion of the document has a misspelled word. The word THE in the certification statement appears as TXE. The Registrar’s signature stamp of Alvin T. Onaka displays what looks like the left side profile of a smiley face in the letter A of Alvin. These anomalies may or may not have significance. Sometimes a forger(s) places discreet identifiers in their work as a bragging or mocking signal.

    The age for Barack Obama Sr. was listed as 25 at the time of the birth, but official INS documents reveal his true age as 27. His true birth date was June 18, 1934.

    The reason for the discrepancy is because Barack Barack Sr. wanted to attend Harvard, as a graduate student and needed to lie about his true age. If Barack Sr. had disclosed his true age of 28, in 1962, Harvard University, could NOT have enrolled him as a foreign student. The rule at the time was foreign students couldn’t be older than age 26 to enroll. The fact Barack Jr’s LFBC shows Senior’s age as 25 in 1961 and not 27, indicates the birth certificate was forged after the 1961 birth. The forger(s) probably relied on the false Harvard enrollment records to age Senior and was unaware of the true and correct INS records when he/she forged the document.

    But most important, one sees no visible sign of an embossed Hawaiian State “seal” on the document.

    Typographer Paul Irey, a pioneer and expert in the field of photo-typography with 50 years experience, stated the typefaces used in Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate proves it’s a forgery. Irey analyzed the type in Obama’s LFBC. In his opinion, for the various letters in the birth certificate to have been typed by one typewriter is not possible.

    In 1961, manual and electric typewriters could not change the size and shape of a letters as appears on the LFBC.

    The alleged typewriter used in the Obama LFBC was an IBM Selectric. It could produce different typefaces in a document only if the ball were changed every time a different typeface letter was struck. Though possible, it’ not probable a hospital clerk typist would change typeface with each separate letter when typing up a birth certificate.

    For example, the word “student” in box 12a of the LFBC displays two different styles of the lower-case letter “t”. Irey found a total of nine examples of the letter that were different from each other. There are others examples as well.

    Each typewriter has a singular fingerprint. Typewriters, even the same make and model, will not type every letter exactly the same.

    For a conclusive analysis, Irey wanted to see an authentic birth certificate from the Hawaii Department of Health created near the birth date of Obama and find out if the typeface on the comparison was consistent. This would show that an authentic Hawaii Department of Health document was typed on a single typewriter.

    The Hawaii Department of Health refused requests to see birth certificates that were created just before and after Obama’s LFBC for comparative analysis.

    The Hawaii Department of Health issued rules making it hard for anyone born in Hawaii and their families to get anything but a computer-generated short-form Certifications of Live Birth, which contains no original imagery.

    A comparative analysis became possible when a woman read a newa article about the matter. The woman was born at Kapiolani Hospital within two weeks of Barack Obama She provided her birth certificate for analysis.

    An examination of the 1961 comparison certificate showed the registrar’s name and certification stamps were on the back of the document. The registrar stamps on the Obama birth certificate was on the front.

    The raised state seal is visible in the 1961 comparison, but not visible in the Obama long-form birth certificate PDF and Xerox copies provided by the White House to reporters on April 27, 2011.

    The 1961 comparison shows no smiley face in the A of Alvin in the registrar’s name stamp, nor is THE misspelled as TXE. After his analysis, Irey’s conclusion was the typeface on the two documents proved Obama’s birth certificate came from more than one typewriter. The document was a forgery. The authentic 1961 birth certificate was typed with a single typewriter as would be expected of a genuine document.

    Web expert Karl Denninger, who has built and run Internet and networking companies, stated the typeface on Obama’s LFBC revealed evidence of kerning.

    Kerning (sometimes called mortising) is the adjustment of spacing between characters in a proportional font, to attain a visually pleasing effect. Letters are squeezed into a line so they intrude into adjacent letter space. Kerning adjusts the space between specific letter forms. In a well-kerned font, the two-dimensional blank spaces between characters all have similar area. Kerning has been standard since the arrival of word processors and computers, but was not possible with a manual or electric typewriter.

    Computers will automatically adjust and typeset the current letter with knowledge of what the previous letter was. A typewriter is a mechanical device. It doesn’t know what letter will be typed next. It doesn’t know what letter was previously typed. It’s typeface will always leave a boundary space between each character.

    Denninger stated the LFBC fails the authenticity test and the image was “assembled” rather than copied from a single original document.

    Some will argue that a malfunctioning typewriter might cause the kerning but the document doesn’t support that rationalization.

    An example of kerning can be seen between the “a” and “p” in Kapiolani. There are others as well. Kerning is just not possible using a mid-20th Century typewriter. (Denninger has made several YouTube videos on the subject and was the source for an article by Bob Unruh of WND)

    Lord Christopher Walter Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley is a public speaker and hereditary peer. He is known for his work as a journalist, advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, classical architect, inventor, mathematician and climate change skeptic.

    Monckton was educated at Harrow School and Churchill College, Cambridge, where he received his B.A. and M.A. and University College, Cardiff, where he obtained a diploma in journalism. He is an Officer of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, a Knight of Honour and Devotion of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and a member of the Roman Catholic Mass Media Commission.

    Through the effort of Lord Monckton, the world learned that the odds against all the anomalies occurring by chance in President Obama’s birth certificate are:

    One in 62,500,000,000,000,000,000 (That’s 62.5 quintillion);

    Or 0.0000000000000000000016 those anomalies happened by mishap.

    Monckton calculated the numbers to show that such things happening in the normal course of events are improbable.

    His process estimated the probability that each of the “errors and anomalies” was accidental and gave him the above result.

  4. So, you think that Obama hired someone to create fake birth certificates, but even though the stakes were very high and he has lots of power/money the person he hired to do it did a really shitty job? If they were fake, wouldn’t he have hired someone to create a fake that looked good? I don’t have a position on this either way, but I am curious about that. What do you think?

    1. That’s actually a great question. I think it’s because they intentionally did a shitty job on the B.C.’s ’cause they left it open for a public debate about it. They want the American people to figure it out on our own. Hope that makes sense.


      1. Brought the comment back but keep in mind though, that Barack is not the only one covering up his birthplace information. His mother, Ann Dunham have done a lot of that too.


      2. Anyway, it is possible to hire someone to forge the birth certificate and do a bad job on it. I mean, Barack was the one who released it himself. He probably thought it was good enough to put it out there publicly and he didn’t catch all of the mistakes on it.


      3. So do you think that the person who faked it had a change of heart or didn’t want him to get away, so they left clues?

        And no one loyal to Obama saw it?

  5. No spoilers, but have you watched the new season of House of Cards yet? I think you’re gonna love it, and maybe see a lot of parallels between Obama and Frank Underwood.

    1. Yeah, I’m currently watching Season 2. Still in the middle of it. I’m planning to finish the rest of it later tonight.

      I agree that there are similarities between Frank Underwood and President Obama… no wonder President Obama himself publicly admitted to liking the show. The show is probably a reminder of how he treats this country… think about it.


      1. Now that you think about it, if Barack is able to watch “House of Cards”, then the White House must have a TV room in there somewhere that have Netflix on it. The White House must be Netflix subscribers then like the rest of us.

        Now if you wanna know why Barack likes shows such as “Breaking Bad”, “Game of Thrones”, “House of Cards”, is ’cause they probably are a reminder of himself.

        It’s interesting how Barack is a TV junkie like the rest of us. No wonder our country is such a mess.


  6. I know how some may think it’s impossible to hide all of your birth information and records but it can be done. All it takes is good lying, manipulation, control, money, etc. I think Ann sent Barack over here as a child ’cause she wanted what was best for him and she wanted Barack to have a big future since Kenya probably didn’t have much back then.

    Ever wonder why Barack is so shady and such a corrupt person? It’s probably because he got it all from his mother, Ann ’cause she was pretty much the same way. Obsessed with lying and stuff. She was a bit of a trouble maker like him. It seemed she only dated black men and had many different affairs. She was a part of that cult and all that stuff. On top of that, I don’t even know if Ann is really Barack’s mother either and wouldn’t surprise me if she isn’t his biological mother.


      1. Nothing. Just sayin’ that’s all. Just bringing it to your attention that she was a big time slut back in the day. You should look up in google, Anne Dunham and Frank Marshall Davis. Rumors are Frank Marshall was Barack’s actual father too. Barack had too many men who had rumors of being his actual father.


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