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How you can tell that Obama’s long form/short form birth certificates are indeed forgery…

I know you guys don’t wanna read this post and it’s going to anger some out there but I don’t give a flyin’ two fucks. The truth needs to be said. You know, people wouldn’t accuse Obama’s long form/short form birth certificates being forgery for no reason. It is so easy to tell that these two birth certificates were indeed, “forgery”. The Obama Administration is not fooling anybody.

I’m sure you guys seen how birth certificates are done. They are usually done by professionals but who ever did these two birth certificates… man… they looked like they were done by amateurs. If you seen other people’s birth certificates you would see that the word is done professionally so it can look perfect and neat but Barack’s certificates just look horrible. They looked like they were done by a fuckin’ 2nd grader. I was just looking at how these two birth certificates could be forgery and it’s all just crazy. They just did a horrible job trying to make it look authentic.

Allow me to explain step by step on how they can be forgery… Enjoy the read, all… this is good stuff…

First of all, check out the long form and short form birth certificate taken from the White House websites so they are the official B.C.’s that Obama himself released.

Secondly, here’s the step by step…

  1. Certain letters are blurred for whatever strange reason (usually lettering are never blurred on B.C.’s)
  2. A lot of words look mysteriously pasted and inked
  3. If you look closely in the “long form” birth certificate, you can see tiny blurred letters in the background which makes it look like someone was trying to erase something w/ white-out or whatever.
  4. Some of the words don’t look professional enough especially, “Kenya, East Africa” under Barack Obama Sr., which the word Kenya is pretty close to the line.
  5. Under Stanley Ann Dunham in long-form, look at the “Wichita, Kansas”. Notice how the letter K is partly blurred and a little higher than the, “-ansas”. You don’t see that much on other birth certificates do ya?
  6. The three signatures on the bottom of long-form have different changes of resolution, look closely.
  7. In the above of the long form b.c., look at the words, “This birth…” notice how the X is not inside the box exactly. There are also blurred X’s above the “twin” and “triplets”. Is there a chance that Barack has twins and triplets out there somewhere?
  8. Look at “Date Accepted by Local Reg.”… the date is marked, “Aug – 8, 1961”. Notice how Aug. 8th “196” is blurred and the number 1 is in bold font? Trying to change the actual date?
  9. In no. 22 look at “Date Accepted by Reg. General.”. Again more blurred letters and numbers mixed with bold.
  10. Look at No. 17b “Date last worked”, you can see a blurred letter O. Somebody tried to erase something but didn’t erase all the way?
  11. No stamp of approval in the background of either long form/short form. On ALL birth certificates there needs to be a stamp in the background showing verification. I don’t see that on either form. Do you?
  12. Look at Alvin D. Ohama Ph.D signature on long form. Notice the strange blur on the signature? Look at the certifying message above the doctor’s signature, “Abstract of the record on file” is bold, rest is blurry.
  13. Date next to doctor’s signature below, “April 25th, 2011”. The “April 25th”  looks like it was stamped by an old rubber and ink pad but the year 2011 looked like it was printed by a computer.
  14. On the short form certificate, notice how the background is all white… that is an obvious photocopy.

I’m sure there’s tons more but those are some that I discovered.

I think this is clear enough evidence that this is forgery. I know you guys are never gonna admit it, though.