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It’s interesting how liberals are interested in Ted Cruz’s personal background but not Obama’s…

So liberals are trying to get to know Ted Cruz more. They’re desperately trying to get to know more about his family and other personal info. They’re trying to figure out whether or not Ted Cruz is eligible to become president. All that is fine and good but I’m noticing that the left don’t care about Obama’s personal info and background. What about Obama’s controversial and shady past? How come liberals aren’t talking about that?

Not only they aren’t talking about Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate… you don’t see liberals talking about his controversial and shady past at all. Where are discussions about the trouble past of Ann Dunham who is Obama’s mother? What about all the people Obama surrounded himself with as he was growing up such as Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and many others. How come liberals aren’t talking about his fascination with Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx? You don’t see the mainstream media on any of that stuff. This stuff isn’t conspiracy theory, it’s all pretty well-documented.

Yes, the media questioned Obama’s birth certificate but all that stopped when Obama showed his long form birth certificate on TV. The whole birth certificate controversy died after that.

Why is Ted Cruz a huge target in all of this birther stuff and not Obama?

I believe it’s because Ted is a conservative. You know how liberals feel about them evil conservatives and right-wingers. The left would do anything to make them look bad. Nobody gets on Obama on this stuff ’cause of his liberal beliefs and you know liberals get a free pass in everything. There are people getting on Obama’s birth certificate still but it’s mostly “right-wingers”, the left won’t even talk about that stuff.

Research Obama’s past and educate yourself about the man like I did. There are all kinds of books about him, there are movies made about him and google is your friend too. I wished people did the smart thing and research Obama before voting him for both elections but nope. Nobody cared to read about Obama’s shady and communist past. He grew up around communist people.

Liberals would only hate people on the right but they won’t hate anybody on the left at all and it’s pretty disgusting, in my opinion. All liberal politicians are heroes to them. Us “right-wingers” aren’t like that at all. We know who is good and who is bad. Us conservatives don’t side with everyone on the right. It’s about honesty and being realistic. The left don’t know what honesty is. There has been former left-wingers who left the liberal party and switched to the right and I’m noticing that is happening more and more lately ’cause why? People are starting to wake up on how shitty the liberal party is. You should do the same. Educate yourself on conservatism and you would see that it’s not all that bad.

I should have a video rant on this soon.


Ben Carson to Obama: “Come Clean with Secret Past”…

Right-wing conservative, Dr. Ben Carson, did a radio interview with a leftist host and it was an interesting debate to say the least. Even though Ben Carson says, that where Obama is really from is not his concern… he says that the only way to let all the birther stuff and Obama’s religion debates to die is that Obama should come clean with his secret past. Meaning, Obama should expose all of his past records and reveal everything.

More on the story here and read the whole article if you wish:


Obama will probably come clean about his birthplace but I have a feeling he’ll make a confession and reveal all after his presidency is over with which will be bad for America and we can’t have that. Why? If Obama is the first President to successfully getting away with hiding his birthplace, then other immigrants are gonna try to do the same.

Everybody knows Obama will never come clean.

I still believe Obama was born in Kenya. I don’t care what anyone thinks so you can try to debunk it anytime you want to. Ben Carson is also right that there have never been a shroud of secrecy from any of the past presidents. Past presidents have all been transparent.

If Congress doesn’t want an immigrant as President again, then they need to change the Constitution around some to make the laws tougher so immigrants won’t ever run again.

There’s so many things that Obama needs to come clean with not just his secret past. He needs to come clean with a lot of scandals and crimes like Benghazi, Operation F&F, Obamacare, NSA, IRS, etc. This man is so mysterious and full of secrecy… how come people are obsessed with defending this man and acting like he’s innocent? I just don’t understand people. Wow!!!!