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Thoughts about retired teacher going off on Rick Santorum…

Well, this video has gone viral on the internet and I thought I would give my thoughts on it.

A retired teacher decides to go off on a Obama rant toward Rick Santorum as he gives a speech. Of course, liberal media and the liberal community are trying to paint this lady as “insane” and calling her a “conspiracy” theorist. When you want to call out Obama, I guess that’s what you are, “insane” and a “conspiracy theorist”. I’ve been called that stuff myself many times and have been called much worse. People are calling this lady “delusional’ and all kinds of names.

Ya know, I think this lady is just like the rest of us. She’s just a patriot concerned for our country which is being run by Obama. She’s been saying the same things that all of us conservatives have been saying about him for years now. She called Obama a communist dictator. A lot of us including myself have been saying that about him for a long time. He’s not a citizen, we’ve been saying that for years too.

She is questioning Rick Santorum since he is a member of the GOP and she’s just wondering why the GOP have not done anything to Obama and have done nothing to get him held accountable. That is also something we’ve been saying for years. Of course, Rick Santorum refuses to respond to this lady by saying he’s  no longer a sitting Senator. Just proves even more that the GOP is pretty weak when it comes to Obama.

When people call out Obama, bash him, criticize him… it’s not bigotry and hatred at all, in my opinion. It’s patriotism. Just scared people living in our homeland with Barack Obama as president. People are scared of the guy. Of course when people call him out, yep, liberal backlash. “Anti-Obama” people are racists and conspiracy theorists only for telling the truth.

This lady may have been brutal on Obama but you have to be brutal in order to get your voice heard.

Calling out Obama’s criminal acts and his goal in destroying America is not conspiracy theory at all. All this stuff is well-documented that the American people have chosen to ignore.

People are not being delusional when calling out Obama’s imperial presidency, they’re just being realistic and talking truth. What’s being delusional is when people refusing to believe what Obama really is… a communist dictator and criminal.

To me this lady is alright, nothing wrong with her in my book and if I was at a politician’s speech, I would have done the same thing. Go off on a rant about Obama, I wouldn’t have cared if I got arrested for it.