Here’s a little flashback for ya, Obama’s 2006 Kenya visit…

Here’s Obama’s last Kenya visit back in 2006 before the 2008 election. At 1:11 a couple of Kenyans hold up a sign that clearly said, “Welcome Home Senator Obama”. At about 2:46 Obama is caught speaking in Kenyan language.

Look at all of those Kenyan people. Celebrating their home country hero, Barack Obama like he’s their freakin’ King.

If you watch the 2nd video you can hear a speech with Obama saying that he wants to make Kenya a better country with a better economy and better government and all that stuff. Is that why Obama elected himself president just so he can destroy America and make Kenya a better country than us? That’s what it’s looking like to me!

If you watch the third video below, at about 0:46, if you pause it at that time, the camera points to a picture frame of a young Barack (he looks to be in his teenage years in that photo) helping his grandmother carrying something.

In the third video that school they are talking is this school here:

Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School, they clearly named that school after Senator Obama… around the time when Barack was Senator.

Man, if these aren’t good enough clues that Barack Obama is from Kenya then I don’t know what else to say.

Just wait until Barack’s next trip to Kenya in July. Those Kenyans will “welcome him back home” and treat him like a King again. I actually hope he makes his Kenyan trip in July ’cause I wanna see how the Kenya people will react to him now that he’s president.


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