Thank you, Larry Klayman!!!! Former DOJ and lawyer claims he has hard evidence to deport Obama..

Former DOJ and lawyer, Larry Klayman just filed a deportation petition of Barack Obama claiming that he has hard evidence to prove that the birth certificate is forgery.

I know a lot of people will call this guy a right-wing conspiracy theory nut but if this guy is successful at proving the birth certificate is fake, it won’t be conspiracy theory anymore.

Trust me, there’s a lot of people that knows that Obama is nothing but a fraud. Larry Klayman isn’t alone on trying to prove Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate. You should look up Sheriff Arpaio. Both of these guys claim they have proof of it.

To be honest, I don’t really care where Obama was born. This is not about where he was born so I find it kind of unfair to call us, “birthers” which in my opinion, is the wrong word to use. All we’re basically doing is trying to prove that he is nothing but a fraud, that’s Obama.

I agree… deportation sounds like a better plan. Send his ass back to Africa where he belongs. It is possible to pay people millions to keep your stuff hidden. No matter how hard you try to keep your stuff hidden, people will always find out. You can’t lie forever!

I hope Larry Klayman will be successful at deporting Obama ’cause if it happens that would be history making! It would be the greatest day ever!


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