Will the truth of Obama’s birthplace come out when he visits Kenya in July? Hopefully but I doubt it, though!

Obama is committed to visiting Kenya for the first time as president in July. I think the reason he avoided Kenya over the years as president is so he can avoid the truth coming out that he was born there. That’s probably why he never visited Kenya ever since he got elected in office in 2008 ’cause I’m sure he was a little nervous that the truth might come out. I’m sure he knows that visiting Kenya would be pretty risky for him. That’s probably why Obama doesn’t plan on staying there for long. He’s probably gonna stay in Kenya for a day or two then he’ll take right off. He’s just going there to deliver a speech for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. I don’t think he has any plans in visiting family members and friends that he probably has there.

When he does visit Kenya in July, be on the lookout for those Kenyan people chanting, “Welcome home, Mr. President” and all that stuff. That’s what they did to Obama when he visited Kenya in 2006 when he was Senator at the time (see video below).

When Obama steps off of Air Force One in Kenya in July, you can very well believe there will be a big crowd of Kenyans waiting for him there. Once again, watch out for, “Welcome Home” signs and chants. They will sing songs welcoming him back home too.

Trust me, all the Kenyans know he was born there. There’s tons of videos in youtube proving that. Go to youtube and type in Kenya and Obama in the search, you would see tons of interviews of Kenyan people talking about Obama’s home country of Kenya. I bet they’re real excited about Obama visiting there again.

Would Obama cancel the trip before July ’cause simply put, he would be worried that talk of his “birth certificate” would start up again? In my opinion, I think that’s the only reason he’s going there to incite more talk about his “birth certificate” so I don’t think he’ll cancel the trip. I think he’s doing this to piss off those “birthers”. During his speech there, he’s probably gonna continue to claim that he’s American born.

I don’t think the truth of his birthplace will come out but ya never know, though. Maybe somebody in Kenya, someone will blow the whistle on him and will talk? We’ll have to wait and see.


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