Why Americans have every right to be concerned about Obama’s birth certificate…

Even though the mainstream media has been silent on Obama’s birth certificate for the past couple of years now, the debate on whether or not his b.c. is real or not still goes on to this day. Why? It’s simply because the b.c. defenders has never proved whether it was real or not. Not even this “smrstrauss” or Paul Strauss can even prove it’s authentic. “smrstrauss” some Obamabot that goes around the internet defending Obama’s b.c. Trying it’s best to silence all the doubters.

Anyway, Americans have every right to be concerned for Obama’s b.c. Why? For a couple of reasons: 1. We don’t want an illegal alien as president ’cause he isn’t to be trusted. 2. We are just very protective of our country and care for the safety of others. 3. We take the law and the Constitution very seriously.

I mean if Obama’s b.c. is really real, why hasn’t anyone proved it yet? Many others think they have proved it but they haven’t. This “smrstrauss” loser never proved it even though he always thinks he did. Even Obama himself didn’t prove it. Yes, Obama’s health officials and doctors may have said that Obama’s bc. is authentic but even that doesn’t prove it. Think how Obama could pay people lots of money to keep it quiet?

Obama may have showed the birth certificate a couple of times but he just showed it on the TV screen. How come he never showed us the actual physical birth certificate? I’m talking about the actual paper, not on a video screen. Every human being should have a physical birth certificate in their home and anybody can take it and show it to someone else. A birth certificate are printed on security paper. There is no law where you got to keep your physical birth certificate hidden. Anyone of us can take our birth certificate and show it. How come Obama never did that? He could have brought the actual birth certificate that was printed on security paper and hold it up in the air for everyone to see and say, “Here it is” but Obama never did that. He just showed it on video screen and then he posted the .pdf on the White House website. That’s why everyone was quick to point out that the b.c. was computer generated and created. Ya know, anybody can take a fake document or a birth certificate and post it online. That’s what Obama did. He never showed us the actual physical birth certificate. That’s the thing, ya know?

Where is Obama’s actual physical birth certificate? Obama probably has it sealed and hidden in the White House, I wouldn’t be surprised. Maybe locked up in a safe on the wall behind a very expensive painting. When you see Obama’s actual birth certificate, you would not see that he was born in Hawaii on it. Obama showing the fake version on TV and the White House website doesn’t prove anything, I’m sorry. ANYBODY can do that. Plus, Obama could spend millions to keep people quiet and have people protect him. He’ll even kill people to keep that stuff hidden like he did to Loretta Fuddy and one of his grandmothers.

We can’t have an illegal immigrant as president. We can’t have it. Obama may as well serve his 8 full year term and get away with it. So hopefully Sheriff Joe Arpaio will soon expose Obama’s birth before Obama’s term is up. Like I said before, it is amazing to me how many let Obama get away with this. Obama’s eligibility as president debate isn’t gonna go away until the truth is out. It may take a long time to investigate Obama’s birth certificate but it will be exposed someday. Hopefully Sheriff Joe will give us the truth soon.

I don’t care what anyone says… I’m sticking to my guns. Obama’s a fraud and it will get exposed hopefully soon.


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