Obama likes to commute drug offenders ’cause Obama is a drug addict himself, Wake Up America!!!

Obama just recently commuted 46 federal drug offenders and each one of them to expire on Nov. 10 of this year which means that they’ll be getting released early. Each one of them having to do with “crack-cocaine” which is no surprise, really. I think Obama is feeling sympathetic for other “crack-cocaine” addicts ’cause Obama himself is a “crack-cocaine” addict. This news is nothing new, y’all. Most of us already know that Obama is a crackhead. Larry Sinclair already tried to warn us before. Why do you think he supports other crackheads? He won’t commute people who did other drugs like marijuana, heroin, etc. Just people who are crackheads.


The media and Barack likes to call them “non-violent”. Really? I don’t buy that ’cause serious drugs especially crack-cocaine can cause people to have explosive violent tempers, it’s usually pretty common. I’m sure some of those drug offenders have done something violent in their lives. Either way, whether these people are violent or not, “prison” is where these people belong. Their long sentences were well-deserved. Crack-cocaine criminals do not belong in the streets ’cause they hurt people and cause a lot of harm in the neighborhood. I don’t know why some defend these “non-violent” drug offenders and think they should be released just to keep the prisons capacity low. Drug addicts don’t deserve to be a part of our society. Drugs are bad. Keep those crackheads in there where they belong.


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