Black Sabbath, the Ozzy era…

Over the weekend, I’ve just listened to the rest of the Ozzy era Black Sabbath albums on Apple Music. While I’ve been a longtime Sabbath fan, I’ve only heard a few Ozzy era Sabbath albums like their first album, Paranoid, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Masters of Reality, Sabbath Vol. 4, and their latest album 13. I got around to listening to the rest of Ozzy era Sabbath albums over the weekend: Sabotage, Technical Ecstasy, and Never Say Die.

All Ozzy Sabbath albums are really great but I think their best albums are: Paranoid, “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”, “Sabbath Vol. 4” and their new one “13”. I would say their newest album, “13” would be my favorite ’cause it is a really great album.

So far there are only 9 Ozzy era Sabbath albums and their planning to end their career with a 10th Ozzy album which is perfect to end their career on.

Black Sabbath went through 8 singers over the years but it’s pretty appropriate to end their career with Ozzy as frontman since he helped started the band.

I can’t wait for Sabbath’s next album. I think their next record is gonna sound different than 13 ’cause remember… Black Sabbath always liked to sound different in every album they did. You never know what they have in store for their next record. Each album they do, they usually do like 7 or 8 tracks ’cause they always write pretty long songs. I’m sure their next record is gonna be great like always. It’ll be full of tasteful riffs by Tony ’cause he is the riffmaster.

Black Sabbath has a total of 19 albums so they’ll be ending their career on their 20th album which is good. Sabbath had a good run. It’s sad that they have to end this soon but Tony’s health isn’t getting any better. I’m a huge Sabbath fan though and respect the hell out of Tony Iommi ’cause he’s a favorite guitarist of mine.

Hopefully they give us a heavy album for their next record. Give fans what they want before they go out.

As for the other singers in Sabbath goes, I was only a fan of the Ozzy era and the Ronnie James Dio era. The Dio era in Sabbath was great too. I never listened to much of all the other singers but I should check ’em out, though.


4 thoughts on “Black Sabbath, the Ozzy era…”

  1. Back when I was in my Teens I saw Sabbath it was Ozzy’s last tour with the band Van Halen opened for Sabbath, the next time we saw OZZY he was sporting the phenom Randy Rhodes. I also saw Sabbath with Dio at the monsters of Rock Day on the Green…I have truly dated myself now…LOL

  2. If you ever get the chance hook up Deep Purple Perfect Strangers album. The title song alone is worth the purchase.

    1. Yeah, I love Deep Purple but only the Ritchie Blackmore era. Wasn’t crazy about the Steve Morse era though.


      1. Yeah Perfect strangers still had blackmore. I just found out recently Ronnie Montrose killed himself a couple of years ago. Tragic.

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