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More proof Obama never attended Columbia University College…


Not too long ago, the White House facebook released this photo above but did Obama really attend Columbia University college? According to Wayne Allyn Root and Prof. Henry Graff, NO HE DIDN’T! Barack was never even there at all and never attended any classes.


Deal with it, America! You elected a complete fraud in the White House and the crazy thing is nobody cared to make him get held accountable. Congress refuses to investigate him. The media refuses to be realistic about this and liberals will defend him at every turn. It’s pretty crazy if you ask me. We have a fraud in the White House and America refuses to acknowledge that.


Barry Soetoro (Obama) was “Foreign Student” at Columbia University…

Well, the more Obama wants to tell us about his years in school long ago, the more people will want to question about his past.

1. Obama always saw himself as a foreign student… Mia Marie Pope says so.

2. Obama actually never attended Columbia University… Wayne Allyn Root says so.

Wake up, America. Stop believing everything this piece of shit president puts out there!